Our Rinsable Cleansing Balm With Blue Tansy

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How We Do It Better

Journey into a world of self care unlike anything you’ve experienced before. We honor diverse ingredients in their purest state because we believe they are the jewels of our labor. Our ingredients are sourced and harvested from the farthest reaches of the world to our very own backyard. We travel and bring home what we love to improve quality and build relationships with small producers committed to procuring dynamic ingredients. Our obsession elevates our products into their own exquisite category. 

The founders of LBF could well rest on their laurels, yet they continue to innovate and create the products we didn't know we needed and now cannot live without.
Lola Gusman in New York
I have been a La Bella Figura Beauty devotee since early 2013 and this (Daily Elements Defense) gorgeous oil was what secured my eternal love.
Michaelle Adams in Pennsylvania, US
Decouverte eye serum has saved me from late nights and chronic dark circles. I can't imagine ever being without this product and I never want to be.
JL Flores in Mexico City, Mexico
I have sensitive skin and have tried everything out there. I was more than surprised to find these products not only soothed my skin, but advanced in its repair. I recommend my routine to everyone that compliments my skin."
Akira T. in London, England

Beauty In Full Splendor

We imagine with freedom, create only the products we dream about and find inspiration from the luminous natural world.

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