Spring Beauty Enthusiasm From Top Bloggers and Green Girls


Spring is finally here! I'm going to ignore the fact that I live in Chicago and we're expected to have a 26 degree day on the first day of Spring because I know that nature is bursting to blossom and you can't stop Mother Nature from doing what she does best. (I think she may be a Leo.) There is something about renewal that makes people enthused to start a healthy diet, clean out their closets, and head straight to the cosmetic counter for fresh, bright colors and clean skincare to begin the transformation of perfectly dewy skin. We're always more ready than the average person because we begin new beauty rituals as soon as the first little speck of green emerges from a long winter's sleep and we really LOVE our beauty rituals. We asked a few friends about what steps or new products they get excited about after St. Patrick's Day and we loved their answers!

The lovely Susan Linney, Beauty Editor at Meets Obsession says she has one constant when the weather warms up.

"I bring blotting papers with me EVERYWHERE I go. Otherwise, I'm a shiny mess. My skin is always oilier in the summer, plus on hot days
they are a must for preventing makeup melt. My favorite are these beautiful Original Aburatorigami papers by Tatcha. I also stock up on
e.l.f.'s oil-absorbers, since they're only $1 a pack." 
Makeup Artist and green beauty expert, Katey Denno is passionate about a few things for Spring and she can makes Halle Berry look smokin' hot on the red carpet so you know we're listening intently to her fab makeup tips.

"When we're on the threshold of spring, I always suggest evaluating how good you've been at keeping your skin hydrated and exfoliated over the winter, and then stepping it up a notch. I'd incorporate a gentle scrub a few times a week if that hasn't been a part of your regimen, or the clairisonic brush. A delicious beauty oil like the one from La Bella Figura Beauty can do wonders to enliven dull, dehydrated skin. You may find that once you've exfoliated well, on an ongoing basis, your skin can absorb more oil, more quickly. You may also then find after a few weeks of dedicated exfoliating and oil use that you need much less oil to give yourself that glowy look.

The best part about spring for me as a makeup artist is that it signifies a time to reintroduce color. Finding a great creamy cheek color that ads a pop of life to your look is a great idea- for some women this means a bright coral or light pink, while others' will see their faces wake right up with a dusting of bronzer across the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and across the forehead." 

We thought we were oil obsessed until we discovered the cult status blog, Beauty Huile. Anything and everything worth mentioning that is oil derived is featured on NK's (yep we're on an initial basis with the writer) hip and poetic site. Her new Spring addition is simple and luxurious.

"I've definitely started using oil-based body scrubs. Skin feels so smooth!"

As for me, I look forward to the latest Jin Soon nail polish.( I'm currently coveting Blue Iris) I also love a good lemon and sea salt scrub that I use all over my body and sometimes on my face. The Vitamin C is excellent to brighten your skin naturally.The price of lemons seems to plummet after winter too. The thing that excites me most about Spring is the abundance of smiles and good cheer from my fellow people. After a long, dark, and chilly winter the smile I observe on my mail carrier's face as he incorrectly delivers my Vogue magazine to my disconcerted 55 year old male attorney neighbor is worth it. Okay, okay, almost worth it. 

It's nice to see you all smiling again! 

Victoria's Vitamin C Lemon Salt Scrub

1 cup fine sea salt

Lemon zest from an organic or well scrubbed lemon

Juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

10 drops sunflower oil

Mix all ingredients together with a spoon until well blended and transfer over to a jar with a tight lid. My lemon salt scrub will keep in the fridge for a week.


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