How Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment Transformed My Dull Skin

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Many of us are in constant search of skincare products that will change our lives. For years I tried, tested and purchased every cream, serum and “miraculous” skincare product I came across. I was a hardcore beauty junkie and often hoarded products to the point of obsession. It all changed when I experienced an attack on my skin about seven years ago. I was extremely stressed at work and going back and forth to Los Angeles bi-monthly for short weekends and a longtime romance with a wonderful Hollywood producer who was a classic workaholic. One day I looked in the mirror and was horrified to see how uneven and lackluster my skin looked. It literally looked like the life was sucked out of me. I decided I had to make some changes in my life and one of them was to simplify my skincare and really use what I needed letting go of the hype. It took quite awhile to figure that part out unfortunately. Enter La Bella Figura and our collection of thoughtfully formulated products and my skin has never looked better. There is one product I developed especially for myself (based on those long ago days when my skin looked lifeless,) which I now recommend for others experiencing major dullness. I formulated this product selfishly because there was nothing available with compounded antioxidants and complex fatty acids to nourish cells from the inside. Cells are complicated and interesting and are capable of synthesizing new proteins. These proteins assist in metabolic function related to growth and repair and nourishing of the skin. Proteins are critical chemical compounds that control almost everything that cells do and are essential to the structure of healthy tissue. I knew I needed a specific product rich in proteins and peptides (anti-aging heroes that help rebuild lost collagen. Our mamey sapote oil and amaranth oil are great sources.) and I shared Aria with a few select friends who were going into their 40’s needing an extra dose of cell revitalizing nourishment who begged me to make it easily available to them. I was a bit hesitant because the collection of ingredients are expensive and some quite difficult to source, but I couldn’t ignore the improvements for my complexion or the adoration from my friends who were thrilled with the outcome.

Aria is not a face oil. It’s not meant to be used all over your face to moisturize or hydrate your skin like Barbary Fig Seed Oil does. It’s a treatment and a potent one at that. We use 19 plant based botanicals, completely raw and unrefined which makes all the difference in the world. Many skincare products (including natural ones) use refined ingredients because refined ingredients are less expensive. We do not because we formulate treatment based products and it matters more that they work effectively. Our green coffee oil is actually dark green, cloudy and pungent with all of the beneficial ellagic acids and powerful constituents intact, our acai oil is so black it almost looks like molasses and our extra virgin Sicilian olive oil in this formula is cold pressed with a sort of ombre shade of green with vital antioxidants high on its profile. These things matter when it comes to awakening the dullness of your skin. Organic avocado oil that is truly raw contains an abundance of CoQ10, which helps promote collagen, elastin and neutralize free radicals. These unrefined plant materials form bio-layers that protect and revitalize dying cells speeding turnover and recovery for an energized and youthful complexion. Every single botanical in Aria serves a skincare purpose. Saffron flower CO2 delivers vitamins A, C and B and possesses skin lightening properties and helps circulation. Your dull skin needs this kind of fuel when it begins to age and lose the ability to turnover cells as it once did. Arnica flower helps repair damaged tissue and bounce back from injury. This myriad of concentrated benefits makes my nighttime treatment of Aria something I look forward to each night. It feels very much like a serum with a lovely slip and I use 3-5 drops massaging gently into skin with a few sprays of Elysian Fields or Jardin de Fleurs. I then apply my nighttime moisturizer right over and another spritz. It’s not exaggerated that come morning you can see and feel the difference in tone and complexion. Just think of this step as feeding your skin the best source of vitamins and minerals for healthy metabolic cell function and fresh, healthy skin. At the end of the day we all want the most beautiful, youthful complexion, let's not make any bones about this. Even those that hate the term "anti-aging" want products that indeed encourage youthfulness. Makeup is fun and pretty, but you can’t take away the benefits of smooth, gorgeous skin and that is our goal for you (and ourselves) every day with our products. I hope you love Aria as much as I do. It's so important to see your skin as a living organ that needs to be nourished. After all we workout to take care of our heart and we don't get to see that in our reflections on a daily basis. 

We have a special offer for you starting today, (January 22-24) your purchase of Aria Cell Recovery Treatment will include a complimentary full sized Elysian Fields Hair and Body Hydro-essence. This hydrating mist contains aloe vera, orange blossom hydrosol, aronia berry extract, hyaluronic acid, sandalwood, cardamom and rose oil and is wonderful for oily or acne prone skin types with a gorgeous scent. I love spraying this in my hair and skin right before moisturizing. Enjoy! No code is needed for this offer just make sure to purchase during the promotion, which ends midnight on Sunday, January 24.

Xo Victoria


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  • Victoria thank you for this lovely post. I read and read about each and every one of your products since discovering them. I followed and liked your posts for a while on IG before buying something. When I needed a good eye serum you posted yours that same day!! It spoke to me and now I am forever obsessed and indulged in your whole product line. I get, understand, and truly appreciate what you are doing. Your products are like children to me!! I am 41 and just had our two children and my skin changed so much. Very disappointed and feeling not so great about what I saw in the mirror.‘since using your products the past 2 months I am actually very excited looking in the mirror. Thank you dearly. I can’t wait to get the products I won the other day as I will be including products I really wanted to purchase but had already splurged the past month on your products! Lol best investment EVER!! I love you all. XOXO KRISTI ❤️

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