Cheers To The End Of 2013 And A New Beginning


Dearest Bellas,

It's hard to believe it's bone chilling December and the end of a busy most wonderful year. Seems like a blink of the eye ago I was frolicking in our garden and admiring all the pretty flowers we grew and happy buzzing bees. Time flies when you're having fun! This year was certainly full of fun and incredible growth for us here at La Bella Figura. We have listened and learned so much from you and worked super hard to bring you the best from us to serve your beauty and skincare needs. We introduced seven new products this year and we aren't stopping there! It seems you want to see more high performing, quality products from us and we're researching, developing, reading and learning right now to do just that. We also know our gentlemen fan ship has grown and you are requesting our attention. Well you certainly have it and you are definitely on our minds. If only there were more hours in a day and we could magically produce the products we dream up in a snap.

2013 was a great year for partnerships. We are always welcoming to those who want to share their innovation, creativity and passionate ideas with us. We feel it is vital in our entrepreneurship to open our minds and present new opportunities to our fans and customers. Besides, it's fun to be creative and think of fresh new ways to put ourselves out there and bring you new experiences. It's the major reason we recently announced moving our next, A Night For Green Beauty event to Los Angeles in August 2014. I happen to be a huge fan of California and have spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, so that wonderful creative energy rubbed off on me long ago. We can't wait to share more information about the partners we'll be working with and ideas we're working on. We know you're going to love this party because we listened and we're going to bring you what you want.

We've also been able to work with new retailers that are providing incredible experiences for their customers and being visionary leaders in their mission to bring you the best products available today. We feel so fortunate to have true believers in what we do and are making strides to have our products discovered like a sweet secret with only the best retail shops, boutiques and apothecaries in the world. We will be expanding and notifying you of where we're heading so you don't ever go without your favorite LBF products. 

It's going to be an exciting new year beginning with brand new products launching soon. We are thrilled to soon bring you our unique and most effective facial cleansers. We worked on this for over a year going back and forth with several formulations, being super choosy about certain ingredients we felt worked best for your skincare needs. We didn't want to bring you any old cleanser that stripped your skin of its precious oils like many of them can or leave skin dull and dry. We wanted to bring you a cleanser that was joyous to use with its effective ability to deeply cleanse skin as well as provide skin beautifying attributes and boy have we ever! Right now a handful of beauties are currently testing this product and it's music to our ears to hear the squeals of delight and proclamations of soft glowing radiance from daily use. And yes, a cleanser should make you feel joyous as it's one of the most important steps to nurturing your skin. Our cleanser also removes makeup gently with ingredients that perform an opera worthy of any beauty lover, non-toxic or not. We just can't wait to bring it to our line and offer you the complete La Bella Figura experience. It's going to be a fantastic new year! 

If we haven't expressed it already we are so ever grateful to YOU. Thank you for making our dreams come true and allowing our products into your homes, cosmetic bags and top shelves. It never gets old hearing how our products have changed your lives. It makes our hearts swell and keeps our passion burning to keep on going! We also want to thank all the other great brands we worked with this year. Our community is a fantastic and warm one. You are all so very inspiring to us. A very special thank you to the beauty bloggers that write so passionately about the products they love. So many truly fantastic beauty writers keeping us busy with tons of things to read on Sunday mornings. You guys rock! 

Thank you to some of our favorite collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships this year. Pressed Juicery, The Chalkboard Magazine, Goodebox, A Night For Green Beauty, No More Dirty Looks, Dose MarketKatey Denno, Beauty Is Wellness, Amy Dufault, Susan Linney and so many more. You are all uniquely organic and beautiful. We adore working with you. 

May this holiday season bring you peace of heart, joy and beauty in limitless bounty and may the new year fulfill all of your dreams wild and otherwise.

With love and gratitude,

Victoria, Karen and our small crew

La Bella Figura




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  • Thank you so much. I can’t wait for it to come out!

    Juliea on
  • Hi Juliea,

    So glad to hear you’re a fan of our Barbary Fig Seed Oil. It really is a skin transformative product. Our new cleanser won’t contain shea butter, but you should always test new products if you have sensitive or allergy prone skin to be safe.

    Cheers to you!

    La Bella Figura

    Victoria on
  • I adore your Barbary fig oil. Best skincare product I’ve ever used. I’m excited about your new cleanser. Can you tell me if it will contain Shea butter as I am allergic to it?

    Juliea on

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