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If you're new to the scene of natural beauty products or confused about the difference between a face oil or a serum, this post is for you. I remember when we first started our line and had to explain to curious beauties that a face oil was a heavenly experience for skin, the odd looks and wrinkled noses we would generate were priceless. It's fantastic to now hear so many lovelies have transitioned from their poison packed serums to more natural alternatives. Recently, I was at speaking at an event and a LBF fan admitted she used to purchase lotions and creams for their scent until she had a severe allergic reaction and her dermatologist pinpointed to a certain product she had tried, (well I won't name the product line, but let's just say it's an extremely popular British brand sold at high end apothecaries) and the ingredient list alone made me dizzy with its toxic fumes! It's just no wonder atopic dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis are on the rise. Long term use and the increase of cheap fillers and ingredients are still being heavily used by beauty companies that would rather spend on advertising and packaging and skimp on quality ingredients. Your face, hair, nails and overall health suffers for it. Ah, one day we will catch up with the Europeans who have figured out the correlation between long tern use of overloaded toxic products and the scaly, red and irritated skin conditions that have caused their cosmetic laws to change. In any case, we have put together a few of our most asked and emailed questions to answer and hope this helps you, especially if you're a newbie or looking to change your beauty regimen. 


What is the difference between Barbary Fig Seed Oil and Barbary Fig Renewal Serum? (I have sensitive skin with patches of rosacea on my cheeks.)

Barbary Fig Seed Oil is a single ingredient that derives from the seeds of barbary figs, sometimes called prickly pear. The seeds are full of Vitamin E rich oil that gets cold pressed and produces a superstar product perfect for those suffering from rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Because it's a single ingredient product it's also helpful to those that suffer from allergic reactions to pinpoint reactions. We recommend you try the product on your arm before trying on your face if you're allergy prone first. Vitamin E helps reduce redness and inflammation and the natural occurring zinc, amino acids and essential fatty acids work to repair damaged cells and help lighten dark spots. This oil can also help acne sufferers by balancing the sebum production in oily skin types and controlling "haywire" skin.

All skin types can benefit from BFSO. 

Barbary Fig Renewal Serum is a concentrated treatment for already damaged skin to help soften dehydrated (skin damaged) skin, speed up cell turnover, brighten and tone sagging tissue. It contains ingredients also high in Vitamin A, which helps wounded skin greatly plus fights lines and wrinkles and its molecular structure is small to provide for deeper penetration into the skin to work more effectively. 

Mature skin or severe sun damaged skin benefits from Barbary Fig Renewal Serum

Is Modern Radiance Concentrate for day or nighttime use? 

This has been a pretty popular question and there have been so many answers circulating out there, but we're sticking to this one: Vitamin C offers to boost antioxidant protection and is more beneficial to use during the day when you are assaulted by environmental and UV exposure. It is not necessary to use twice a day, especially since you are getting the benefits of a concentrated complete Vitamin C from our product. 

For Mature skin types, hyperpigmentation or anti aging skin benefits

I'm curious about the benefits of facial steaming. What are they?

Facial steaming is not only very beneficial to skin, but can offer sinus clearing benefits as well. If you have oily and acne prone skin, steaming can help push sebum and clogged pores out to the surface to thoroughly clean. The steam helps blackheads soften making them easier to dislodge from pores. Toxins and cell buildup also cause clogged pores and steaming can help dead skin from clogging pores further. Another benefit is increased circulation, which helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin and that is why facial steaming before applying a nutrient rich mask like our Bio Active Healing Mask or Bio Active Purifying Mask works wonders. Your pores will be filled with perspiration and ready to receive a treatment much better than on dry, clogged skin. You only need to do this a few times a week and at home treatments are super easy and just as effective as spa steaming. Our Facial Steam Teas are made with a healing blend of herbs, flowers and spices to help deliver therapeutic value to your treatment. A must try if you haven't yet. 

All skin types, especially acne prone or blackhead and oily prone skin

What is the best way to cleanse my skin before applying your serums and treatment products? 

Most of us don't think about cleansing that much, but it truly is one of the most important steps for a good skincare regimen. Cleansing skin with oils works great to lift off heavy makeup, dirt and toxins and doesn't strip skin of precious natural oils. Not everyone is a fan of oils, however so use a gentle method to wash off the day each night. A balm can also work great. We are about to launch a new gentle enzyme based oil gel cleanser next month which truly takes off heavy makeup and gently exfoliates skin with enzymatic properties. Soothing aloe vera helps maintain tone and balance while a collective of lovely ingredients in our formulation work in harmony to nourish your skin while cleansing. It's a lovely way to nurture your skin before applying face oils and products. You will just need to pump a nice amount onto dry skin and rub gently into skin in circular motion and rinse off with a warm washcloth. You can also use as a mini mask treatment and apply onto skin, rubbing in circular motion and leaving on for 60 seconds so the enzymes activate and gentle exfoliate skin. You're going to be obsessed with how fresh, soft and radiant your skin will feel! We can't wait to get this long awaited product to you. 

All skin types

Are your products safe enough to use while pregnant? I'm worried about toxic ingredients.

Yes, our products are safe enough for pregnant women. We use only unrefined ingredients which are wildcrafted or organic and haven't been treated with sprayed chemicals. We also are very keen about GMO ingredients and have taken the pledge to never use GMO ingredients in our formulas. We have heard about some women expressing their concerns about retinol in our Barbary Fig Renewal Serum. We do not add synthetic retinoids or retinol acid into our formulas. All of our Vitamin A is naturally derived from high quality unrefined oils and butters. If you feel your skin has been more sensitive with hormonal changes from your pregnancy you may want to discuss this with your doctor and discontinue use of a product like Barbary Fig Renewal Serum and switch to a single ingredient product instead. 

If you have any other questions you're curious to learn the answer to just ask us in the comments section. We love hearing from you! 


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  • Hi Gwen,

    I’m so glad to hear that! My sister lives in AZ and we have managed to keep her skin moisturized and taken care of. She combines the RHT with our Barbary Fig Seed Oil. Especially if she’s been out in the sun for any length of time.

    We are super excited to launch our new gentle cleanser and cell recovery treatment. Spring is going to be extra bright this year! Thank you so much for trying RHT. :)



    Victoria on
  • Want to thank you for your recommendation on the Rainforest Hydration Treatment for AZ weather. It is the best product for my skin I have ever tried when down here! Anxious to try the new cleanser coming out!!!

    Gwen on
  • great, thanks! :D
    sounds so lovely!

    Marissa S. on
  • Hi Marissa,

    You can absolutely use both products together. I often do. Yes, the BFSO works great to treat fine lines and wrinkles because of its high fatty acids and amino content.

    We can’t wait to launch the lovely cleanser. It’s just super creamy and so nice on skin. Stay tuned for more anti aging/pro aging products. :)

    Thank you,


    Victoria on
  • Oh also, does the BFSO help with fine lines as well, or just the Renewal Serum?

    Marissa S. on
  • Would you ever use the BFSO with the Renewal Serum, or is it one or the other?
    Can’t wait for the cleanser!
    I’m loving my BFSO so far (though not loving the smell at first to be honest, glad when it soaks in, lol), and the hair serum is making my dry hair so soft!

    Marissa S. on

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