The Interview-Featuring BeauTeaBar Owner Marissa Waller


BeauTeaBar is an online beauty and wellness destination which pairs every purchase you make with the perfect tea choice. A newbie on the scene and a beauty hunter's delight, Marissa Waller-owner and CEO searches far and wide for the latest finds cool chicks stock in their bathroom vanities and handbags. Read her reasons why life is better with a little tea and lots of beauty. Follow BeauTeaBar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Tell us a little about your retail shop and what inspired you to offer such exceptional products to your customers:

I believe that women deserve to be spoiled and I am thankful that I get to be a part of that everyday. As women we are constantly taking care of everyone in our lives and it is such a beautiful thing. Sometimes we forget about truly loving and treasuring ourselves. I love that people can come to my online shop and find truly unique treasures that they can use to care for themselves and to create a beautiful ritual. 

What are you most excited about when it applies to the modern day green beauty aficionado and what makes you unique?

I am so excited about the vast amount of choices that women have today, especially in the luxury market. It used to be that the boring green beauty products were banned to a tiny corner of a large store, but that is definitely not the case anymore. Women who want to pamper themselves can do so with ultra-lux green products, and many are finding that these products create far superior results than their toxic chemical counterparts. I’m also excited that the green beauty brands are listening to the needs of women and offering a more diverse range of products so that anyone who wants to clean up their beauty routine can easily find products that suit their needs.

What is a typical evening beauty ritual for you? Spill, we want to hear every step!

In an ideal world, I would have time for a luxurious bath and a good read every night! Some nights a good cleansing and few quiet minutes have to suffice. Regardless of time constraints, I treat my bedtime skin ritual with tremendous care and love. I believe that going through your evening routine with thoughtful and loving intentions makes you wake more refreshed and blissful… seriously, try it! 

I ALWAYS cleanse my face before bed! I have been cursed with acne and breakouts since my teenage years so I wouldn’t dare go to bed without cleansing! After cleansing I apply my LBF Modern Radiance Concentrate (this has been a miracle worker for the dark spots left over from years of breakouts), then I apply either a good face oil (now I am using the Barbary Fig Renewal Serum), or the Aria night treatment (I like to alternate). Before I fall asleep I apply the Decouverte Eye Serum so I wake up looking refreshed. Voila…

What food or wellness tip do you think is essential for anyone at any age to keep you looking or feeling your best?

Of course I believe that it is essential to use good products that are properly suited for your skin! And of course water, exercise, and eating properly help tremendously. BUT quite honestly, to look and feel your best then I strongly suggest smiles and an open heart. No amount of diet, products, water, or exercise can radiant as much as a woman with a genuine smile and gratitude!

What are you most excited about for our A Night For Green Beauty party in LA?

I am so excited to connect with all of these amazing people that I have adored and followed for so long. Of course I am dying to meet all of the men and women behind these kick ass brands, but I’m also truly excited to connect with the friends I’ve made on the various social media channels. I’m also super crazy excited to see what the ladies of LBF have in store for us. You guys always have a little something up your sleeve, and it constantly amazes me. I can’t wait to see what you guys have put together for this beautiful evening. Thank you so much for all of your hard work all year round, and thanks for including myself and BeauTeaBar! We are so lucky to partner with such inspiring women!


Visit and find those little treasures Marissa mentioned online. 


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