A Love Letter To Baby2Baby

Dear Baby2Baby,

There are so many reasons to love a non-profit organization like yours. You help people when they most need it. You inspire people to feel good about giving. You bring smiles to the faces of the many families you serve. You don't judge or ask from the people you are touching daily. You give for all the right reasons and from the heart. You help change lives. You touched us in many ways and especially on a personal note.

I was one of those children in need once. I grew up with very little and we needed help many times throughout my childhood. In some ways my siblings and I were luckier than most kids we knew growing up in poverty. We had a tight-knit family that pitched in because it truly does take a village and I am grateful for my strong family roots every day. We had a Mom that loved us, who was well educated and working in a professional, albeit very low paying job. My father was always ill and in ways that made him a dysfunctional, non-existent parent. It wasn't always fun, but Mom always said, "don't just do your best, be your best." She explained time and time again that even through tough moments it would serve us well to give, share and think of others. If we had one slice of pizza she taught us how to stretch it for two. Do Your Best, Be Your Best. Those weren't just words and they were always on the forefront of my being whenever I was being challenged. I became what is known as a super-achiever. Those words were the best gift I have ever received and I have been referencing that phrase ever since I could remember and sharing with others. They seem to suit every situation a person could find themselves in. I try, try, try to live by that motto and be better than I was yesterday. It seems Baby2Baby knows that as well. Could we possibly be related? 

As the creators of A Night For Green Beauty, my business partner Karen and I always knew we would tie this incredible evening of green beauty with charity work. It made sense for us and when we as a business approached this idea to all of the brands involved as participants every single one of them happily agreed to donate their products to help families they have never met. We heard of Baby2Baby from a California based teacher friend and was so touched with what you do I knew we had to reach out and partner with you to highlight your organization as best as we could with our event. It was great to see with my own eyes your daily operations and meet a few of the incredible volunteers who roll up their sleeves and get the job done. I was in love. 

It's true that we aren't a giant corporation or so darn profitable that we roll around in cash every night. We are a small growing business, independently owned and operated. We know we don't have to be in the billionaire club to give. No one does. You give with your hands, your mind and your heart when you can't always give with your pocketbook. It just takes one simple little piece of information to give when others are in need...Do Your Best. In the spirit of charity we are so thrilled to donate all of the proceeds from our A Night For Green Beauty Deluxe Beauty Box collaboration with all of the brands participating in our event to your organization. Thank you for all you do to help families every day. We can't wait to see you in LA on August 7th!


With Love,

Victoria and the La Bella Figura Team


To find out about A Night For Green Beauty click here or how you can donate to Baby2Baby visit their website. To find out about how to purchase a Deluxe Beauty Box with full sized products from the most kindhearted green beauty brands around contact Goodebox. The next box goes live on sale Monday, June 16th. All boxes are in limited supply and retail for $100 (plus $10 shipping) and are being sold online until sold out. 


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