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Say Hello To Our Event Ambassador: Nicolle Mackinnon

Written by Victoria Fantauzzi


Posted on July 10 2014

It is our pleasure to introduce you to one of our three, A Night For Green Beauty Event Ambassadors, Nicolle Mackinnon. Nicolle is a contributing writer over on everyone's favorite green beauty blog, No More Dirty Looks. She is a beauty aficionado true and through and is forever in search of luxurious, gluten and beeswax-free products and hasn't had a bad hair day since, well never. We are looking forward to having Nicolle greet many of you attending this year's most anticipating beauty party on August, 7 in Los Angeles.  Join Nicolle and us for a special evening and you can ask her yourself for her secret to those gorgeous locks. (We bet it's green beauty!)





When did you know you had ‘Gone Green’?


When I started buying most of my beauty products online. I love Minneapolis for lots of reasons, and in the last few years, many green beauty stores have popped up, but some of my favorite brands just aren’t sold in a brick and mortar shop that’s within driving distance (especially makeup). Or when I bought a Diva Cup—that might be the greenest thing I own!


What is your idea of a perfect day?


I always have a hard time with this question! If it was truly perfect, I’d be traveling somewhere in Europe (right now I’m kind of obsessed with the Italian countryside), get time to have a leisurely breakfast with my husband, be outside, nap, read and have dinner/drinks with friends. And I’d need time to do a little beauty pampering, like a face mask, with no feelings of being rushed.


Favorite city for shopping green beauty?


It’s cheating to say online, right?


Favorite single natural ingredient?


Candelilla wax. I know, I know—it’s totally not a sexy ingredient, but since I discovered I’m allergic to beeswax I’m incredibly grateful to candelilla wax for serving a similar purpose in vegan products (and to brands who use it).


What scent matches your personality?


I tend to gravitate to floral scents, with a spicy bite. I think that fits me—sweet, but sassy once you get to know me.


What does your evening beauty ritual consist of?


It changes fairly often because I’m usually testing new products, but right now, it’s SW Basics Makeup Remover, followed by One Love Organics Apple a Day Cleanser, all removed with a microfiber cloth (the facial one from Ecloth). Then I massage in La Bella Figura Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment, andconquer any blemishes with Osmia Organics Spot Treatment.Next, I swipe on LBF’s Eye Decouverte Undereye Serum, and finish with Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel + ARCONA Chamomile Balm.


What one piece of advice would you like to give others who ask, “what is the first thing I should swap out as I go natural?”


If you’re super overwhelmed or don’t feel very beauty savvy, just start with the next thing you use up—find a replacement for that one product, and switch out your others later. If you’re excited and ready to attack, start with your favorite kinds of product. Are you a makeup aficionado? Find your holy grail green foundation or that lip color that makes you feel like you can take on the world. Do you love skincare? Search out your perfect moisturizer or face wash that wakes you up in the morning. Just have fun with it, do your research and don’t feel bad if you can’t switch everything immediately.


What natural beauty products do you get most excited about? (Skincare, perfume, makeup, etc.)


Is it kosher to say everything? Haha. No, I have lip color (stick, gloss, balm) and facial mask fetishes. My seventh-grade self had a lip gloss to match every outfit in my closet, an affinity I’ve carried into adulthood, and I love how putting a face masktriggers relaxed, calm and pampered feelings in me. That’s a big part of why I’ve loved my transition to green beauty—it’s helped give me the permission to treat a beauty regime as holistic self-care.


If you could sit with a green Goddess and pick her brain (or his if he is a green God) what questions would you ask?


Hmm. I think I’d ask for little known tricks and tips that I might be missing out on. And I’d want to know his/her beauty routine! I love love love learning what other green beauty bloggers and brand founders and experts are using because I love learning about new products (or getting confirmation that my faves are truly as incredible as I think they are!).


What is your favorite book besides the best selling, No More Dirty Looks?

I swoon for YA fiction. So The Hunger Games—I’ve read the series four times since it came out, and I’m going to be super hipster here and say “I liked it before it was popular.” Snooty? Maybe. I also love Living Your Yoga, which gives you ways to take yoga into daily life.


What is your favorite color?




Tell us one thing we don’t know about you, but really, really want to.


I have a sixth sense for puppies. No matter where I am, I’ll spot ‘em, even if they’re camouflaged. And if there’s a puppy in close proximity, don’t bother trying to talk to me because I likely won’t hear you. I love the furry creatures so much (though I unfortunately don’t have my own currently).


Follow Nicolle on Twitter and Instagram @NicolleBMack and don't forget to check out her work on No More Dirty Looks



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