Ten Questions With Victoria

We're bringing on new talented writers to contribute to our blog and share more about beauty, travel and passions beyond. We wanted to kick off our Ten Questions with me, (Victoria) just to mix it up a bit. We'd love to hear from you and what you would like to read more of. Please feel free to share with your comments and stay tuned for some fun upcoming posts. 

Are you a morning person or night owl?

I'm a former night owl and current early bird. I love being awake before most people and getting stuff done or indulging in some reading and a morning walk. I sleep about 5.5 hours a night. 

What’s the first thing you eat/drink?

I know you’re supposed to drink water when you wake up, but hook me up with coffee first. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 10 years old and it’s my one vice that I never want to give up.

If you weren’t living where you are now where would you be right now?

I think about this a lot. Probably somewhere in Europe, maybe Barcelona, Madrid or I love South America. Someplace where I could speak my second language fluently. California is good too.

What is your signature cocktail? (If you don’t drink alcohol your signature green juice, tea or coffee drink.)

I like a good gin and tonic with a lemon twist on any given day, but a French 75 when I’m in a party mood.

If you could rename yourself what would your name be?

I like my name. It’s classic and direct. No one messes with a Victoria.

What do you love about your business?

I love having freedom in doing the things we want to do and not doing things we don’t want to do. It took a while to get to this point because it’s something you learn in the process of running a business. At first you don’t want to say no, but then you learn that owning and operating a business is very much like being in a relationship. You need some boundaries or you will be royally screwed. I like boundaries and I like being clear. I love meeting talented people and working with intelligent folks that are fearless and creative. It’s not as common as one would think. I’ve come across a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs that run their businesses from fear. They fear change, not making money, not being in control, etc. I love the ones that say, “the hell with it, let’s try this!” I have never been attracted to people who are rigid in their thinking or stingy with their passion so working with people like Karen, who is always the first person to say, “What the heck? What do we have to lose?” makes me feel free and open.

Chose your last meal on earth, what would that be?

If I could choose my last meal I would want to share it with all the people I love most sitting outside surrounded by a beautiful garden or tons of trees. I would have roasted chicken extra crispy skin (a la Julia Child with tons of butter or even duck fat. It’s a last meal!), a giant cheese plate, a big delicious salad with herbs, nuts, fruit and tons of avocado, shrimp cocktail served on a bed of seaweed with cocktail sauce, caramelized fennel with sweet cream and melted cheese, fresh bread, again with tons of creamy European butter, a glass of Priorat, champagne, gin and tonics and a dark chocolate triple layer cake with fudge frosting. I'm going out with a freaking bang! 

If you had one entire year to roam the world where would you start and where would it end?

I would start in Australia or New Zealand during their summer months and spend time exploring places like Tasmania and Auckland then I’d jump over to Africa and end up in South America someplace. Gosh that would be a great trip!

Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by anyone with fight in them. I'm very attracted to bold people that do their own thing. I’m also really inspired by seven year olds because they're honest, confident and acutely aware of themselves.

What word do you overuse and abuse?

Well certainly a ton of naughty words, but I use the word, “knucklehead” a lot because it makes me laugh.


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