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If you're anything like me, the last days of summer are starting to kick into your reality and you're fighting every last minute not to let it go. Summer skin is fresh, glowing and looks radiant for most everyone. We all seem to wear our summer looks with effortless ease and sometimes all you need to get you through the day is a touch of lip color or a golden hued highlighter to reflect the sun's warm kiss on dewy, clear skin. Fall and winter skin, well that's a different story.

On a personal level, cold dry air seems to suck the life out of my skin and leaves me feeling deeply dehydrated and under nourished. It's also a hugely scary time for my skin because as one ages the quickest ways to a roadmap of wrinkles on your face is, chronically dehydrated skin. It's important to care for your skin differently than you do in summer because it requires slightly more maintenance. Here are a few of my top Fall/Winter skincare favorites and how I'll be using our products to keep my skin hydrated, fresh and radiant during these upcoming colder seasons.

1) Steam skin once or twice a week. I do this religiously because the results are immediate and feel incredible. I use our Facial Steam Teas and allow the steam to swell up my pores and cleanse my skin with the healing properties of our special facial tea blend. (We will be restocking the teas very soon as we're still harvesting and drying all of the herbs and plants from our summer growing season.) 

2) Apply a Bio Active Healing or Purifying Mask treatment immediately after a facial steam. I don't even dry my skin off just apply a generous amount of my favorite Healing Mask and allow all of the rich vitamins, polyphenols, minerals and enzymes to work their skin magic. After 20 minutes I rinse off in circular motion to get a gentle exfoliation and then moisturize.

3) Barbary Fig Seed Oil or Rainforest Hydration Treatment are my favorite moisturizers. I enjoy scooping up a generous amount of our jasmine and cocoa scented vegan balm and melting it between my hands before patting it gently onto cleansed skin. It just feels so incredible and soothing and brightens up a dull complexion. 

4) Aria and Barbary Fig Renewal Serum are my top two products for nighttime use. I apply two to three drops of our cell reviving Aria Cell Recovery Treatment followed by a generous amount of my answer to botox, Barbary Fig Renewal Serum. I swear this product has battled the wrinkles that are supposed to take residence on my 46 year old face, but haven't.

4) Lastly, I spritz Jardin de Fleurs all over to lock in all the beneficial active ingredients of the Renewal Serum and Cell Recovery Treatment with this delightful hydrosol and enzymatic mist, which also includes an ingredient your skin desires when it's super thirsty...hyaluronic acid. You just can't go wrong with our botanical skin revitalizer! 

Certainly, there is a lot more I do to look after my new seasonal skincare routine like drink more green tea, juice and create antioxidant loaded smoothies in the mornings, but generally sticking to a regimen that works keeps me happy and sane and the wrinkles away! Cheers to keeping the summer glow alive throughout the chillier days of Fall. 

xo Victoria


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  • Hello! I am a college student with acne prone skin and very interested in La Bella figura. There are so many product I like, but could you please recommend some product for me? Thank you!!

    Lynn on
  • Hi Garcy,

    Yes, absolutely you may. Glad you enjoyed the post.:)


    Victoria on
  • Great tips and routine Victoria! Thanks for sharing! May we re-post?

    Garcy on

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