How To Hydrate Your Skin For A Perfect Glow



There are certain things that I can't stand and having tight, flaky, dry skin is right on up there. Not only does it contribute to a dull complexion, highlight wrinkles and even contribute to them, but it actually feels uncomfortable. Living in the "Windy City" means I get my fair share (let's face it, more than I care to admit) of lake effect wind and polar vortex temperatures assaulting my delicate skin. I try my best to wrap a scarf over my entire head to protect myself, but the freezing air still manages to rob my skin of precious oils. Adding to that is hot air from my heating system and all of this is enough to make anyone's skin go completely nuts. So what do I do? I hydrate my skin like a lunatic all winter long.

By now you know that we at La Bella Figura Beauty are huge fans of Barbary Fig Seed Oil (Prickly Pear Seed Oil). When we first began our ingredient research I read an Italian medical study of these fruits and their ability to help those suffering from inflammation and rheumatism with an especially high content of betalains, a rare class of antioxidants. That sparked my interest and consequently deep, deep love for what has become our signature ingredient in most formulations, including our new More Than Makeup collection. Who can resist a fruit oil that actually makes your skin glow while strengthening tissue and providing mega anti aging benefits? This is my go to product when the temperatures drop and my skin becomes dehydrated. You can accurately say this one ingredient product has changed my life and my skin for the better. 

One of my favorite ways to use our pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil is to create a nourishing hydrating mask with our Rainforest Hydration Treatment. It is most important to properly cleanse the skin before applying the hydrating mask. I use our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser because it not only contains enzymes from papaya and pineapples to gently exfoliate the skin, but hydrating marfura and cupuacu butters so that skin retains its moisture on a cellular level. Once I cleanse, I give myself a nice facial steam with one of our Facial Steam Teas to help swell up the pores and prepare the skin for the moisture mask. (Reserve the facial tea water for toning and rinsing the skin with all of that nutrient rich broth.) Then I mix 2 teaspoons of our Rainforest Hydration Treatment with 12 drops of BFSO and apply a nice thick layer on my skin. After about 10 minutes I apply a thick layer of manuka honey right over the hydrating mixture and allow it to stay on my skin for an additional 10-15 minutes. Don't rinse this concoction off with plain old water. Use the facial steam broth and soak a soft bamboo washcloth so that you can later gently wipe off the mask mixture. Lightly pat your skin dry without completely drying your skin and spray Jardin De Fleurs before massaging another 4-6 drops of Barbary Fig Seed Oil into the skin. Viola, instant glow! Your skin will look luscious, plump and vibrant and feel unbelievably soft. This neat little trick is especially great before a big night out or special event. Your makeup will look flawless on well hydrated, exfoliated skin. 

I like to use this potent hydrating mask about twice a week when it's below zero in these parts with our Bio Active Hydrating Mask in between. Your skin will garner you rave reviews with proper hydration. It's a necessary step when you're a midwestern gal! 

Starting today, November 25 until Thursday, November 27 all orders including both Rainforest Hydration Treatment and Barbary Fig Seed Oil will receive a complimentary Jardin De Fleurs travel mister. No code required we will include your gift with your purchase! 


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  • This sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try this and your product line but have to wait until my current products run out (I’m such a product junkie but don’t want to waste anything). They are also all natural and wonderful but your line sounds lovely. Thank you also for your blog, it’s useful and fun to read!

    Pushpa on
  • Just tried your mask suggestion this morning. Awesome!! Thank you so much for the tip! Winter weather is so hard on our skin……

    Gwen G. on

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