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We're getting into the holiday mood around here even in the midst of major transition. (That's info for another blog post soon to come.) This time of year is mostly special for us because we tend to focus on family and friends and close for a few days to cook, celebrate, throw parties and travel. This December I am off to Dublin, London and Paris as we launch LBF in Europe and work towards new things for 2015. I have always wanted to have a Charles dickens type of holiday in London and it looks like it's happening so I'm truly excited. 

All of this holiday talk has us wanting to share with you so we are happy to kick off our 5 Days Of Giveaways where we interview five of the most exciting people (or non-people) in green beauty this year and give away their favorite LBF product. We're starting the series with The Hermes Hippie! An exciting new blog with a fresh and opinionated voice. Lola Gusman, founder and creator doesn't cut corners or mince words with her feelings about beauty products, brands or blogging for that matter. She doesn't fall for heavy marketing, hype or fancy packaging. Trust us on this one! She wants the good stuff and has a knack for finding the best green products around. She is funny, charming and a true beauty lover and that's why her new blog is fun, informative and refreshing to read. We are huge fans and all we have to say is read this mini interview with The Hermes Hippie and get ready to list this blog as your new addiction.


The Hermes Hippie-Lola Gusman

How do you make the most of holiday time?

I really, really love the holiday season. I love everything about it, from the festive spirit to the delicious food. I can get a little obsessive about trimming the tree and have been known to spend hours making sure the present are wrapped just so ("so" meaning Martha Stewart-perfect). But by far the most important part of the holidays for me is family: both the biological kind and the family of friends we have created over the years. Whether we are in New York or in Miami, in England or in Russia, I make sure that we have the laughter of friends and loved ones around our table and that we spend the time truly enjoying one another's company.


Give us a glimpse of your beauty routine.

Being a beauty blogger (and a green beauty obsessive), I find that my skincare routine changes far more frequently than most people's. Some things remain constant: I adore cleansing balms, obsess over and cannot live without facial sprays, always make sure to include a sophisticated and active serum and adore my LBF staples; but otherwise my skincare routine is in constant flux. However, I am really pleased to have found a makeup routine that is simple, fun and that keeps me looking fresh and glowing on even the most sleep deprived of days.


I start by using the fabulous Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation: it's light, my skin adores it and it creates the perfect, even finish. Any blemishes get covered up by a touch of Kjaer Weis foundation. Though it's a little too heavy to use all-over for daytime use, I love its satiny finish and stunning packaging. I find that cream eye shadow is perfect as a quick pick-me-up for tired eyes and I can simply smudge it on with my fingers for an easy smokey eye. Recently, I have been obsessing over LBF's limited edition La Boum/Soul Train (the most perfect gilded khaki/silver combo) and am a bit annoyed that it's not going to be a permanent addition to the collection. At least I stocked up. I also love RMS Beauty's Karma for extra drama or Solar for a softly gilded lid. After eye shadow, I apply Kjaer Weis' awesome mascara. It doesn't quite measure up to my beloved Armani, but it comes pretty darn close and the formula is impeccable. Oh, and if I am feeling fancy, I might add a swipe of Disco Queen Gloria: another limited (boo!) edition from LBF and my current obsession. Though technically a blush, it serves triple duty as a highlighter and a bronzer and it gives the most perfect glow. All in all, this routine takes me no more than 5 minutes from start to finish and leaves me looking fresh and put together.


What one beauty myth do you really want to debunk?

Oh gosh, there are so many! How about this: there is no product that can well and truly "shrink" your pores. Pore size is genetic and, short of laser resurfacing (ouch!), there isn't much you can do about it. Now, proper skincare does make a serious difference in the appearance of pores: exfoliation, proper hydration, use of sebum-regulating facial oils and, ideally, regular (or at least occasional) facials can all make pores look their best (i.e. smallest), but no one should get upset because a product didn't actually make their pores smaller. If pore size is a concern, get a serious extraction, hydrate the skin and exfoliate regularly and always, always remove your makeup and SPF. Also: if a product seems to tighten your skin so much that the pores seem to temporarily disappear, it's probably too drying for the skin. I am thinking of those horrible, conventional, alcohol-laden toners. They may seem to do the trick, but will only exacerbate the problem in the long run. Be gentle with your skin, learn to love it and it will reward you by looking and feeling it's best.

Lola would like us to give away, Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment, one of her favorite LBF products. All you need to do is follow @labellafigurabeauty and @thehermeshippie on Instagram and repost a picture of Aria and use #5daysgive #labellafigurabeauty. Someone is going to win tonight with a chance to win another LBF product tomorrow with a new post and new beauty profile. Learn more about The Hermes Hippie by following her blog. 

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