5 Days Of Giveaway: Actress Alysia Reiner

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We're getting the word directly from the woman who plays "Fig" in the hysterical and scary Orange Is The New Black and DA Wendy Parks in How To Get Away With Murder. Alysia Reiner is the real deal; gorgeous, intelligent (obviously, she's a green beauty advocate) and funny. She is a Mom, activist and actor/producer and environmentalist. We just can't get enough of this lady! We ask Alysia about her favorite holiday memories and of course they're centered around family. Read on and make sure to follow her for our giveaway of Alysia's favorite LBF product! Alysia Reiner on Facebook and Twitter.



How do you make the most of holiday time?

I slow down, that’s the key for me! If I want to really be present with my husband and my 5 year old daughter during the holidays, I have to slow down enough to really focus on my gratitude for the time off, the togetherness, the holiday spirit. Deep breaths as I teach my daughter! Come to think of it, that’s good advice for ALL THE TIME! 

Give us a glimpse of your beauty routine. 

I don't wash in the morning, only at night, then tone & a nice face oil & serum. I love coconut oil for every part of my body & even just started pulling!

What one beauty myth do you really want to debunk?

I think it’s time for people to realize once and for all that  pure, simple, organic products WORK and they work WELL! I love the La Bella Figura healing mask- it's so healthy I want to eat it!! There’s such a proliferation of chemicals in most beauty products, they aren’t good for us, and they aren’t necessary.

We agree with Alysia that there are too many harsh toxic chemicals in beauty products and we're doing our part to create healthy, high performing alternatives. We're giving away our Bio Active Healing Mask and our new facial bowl set and in honor of "Fig" herself, a bottle of our best selling Barbary Fig Seed Oil! How is that for a mega green beauty giveaway? All you need to do is follow @labellafigurabeauty and @alysiareiner on Instagram repost a picture of our Bio Active Healing Mask with hashtag #5daysgive #labellafigurabeauty and someone will be choosen to win this gorgeous loot. Then set your Netflix and your snacks ready for your new obsession OITNB

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1 Comment

  • Love her on OITNB such a great show. Oil pulling has changed my life! I pull every morning for 20min and I honestly say I have not gotten sick, my airways are clear, and gosh does it help when it’s that time of the month!

    Diane on

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