5 Days Of Giveaways: Makeup Artist Megan Porschen

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Sometimes you meet people in this industry that are so truly beautiful your breath is taken away. Megan Porschen, celebrity makeup artist and A Night For Green Beauty MUA in residence is one of those people. It’s not because she’s a knockout, but because she is compassionate, kind and drives a motivating force to share beauty in a genuine way. Her work is flawless and her energy is through the roof positive. We love working with Megan who offers great advice about makeup, skincare and how to take care of your body. She is a green beauty with a heart of gold and we’re excited to share her interview with you. If you want to swoon over her work visit her website at www.meganporschen.com.


How do you make the most of holiday time?

Traditionally I would spend time with my family enjoying their company, good food, and gifts. This year I've decided to go to Costa Rica on an adventure/yoga retreat to cleanse my mind, body, and soul for the new year. I wanted to break away from the heavy consumerism and enjoy nature's gift for fulfillment.


Give us a glimpse of your beauty routine.

Every morning when I wake up I meditate for 15-20 minutes for a more radiant face. Then I cleanse my skin with warm water and an organic cleanser, or apply La Bella's Bio Active Healing Mask (heavenly btw), rinse, then pat my face dry and apply a light moisturizer, or a drop of La Bella's Daily Defense Oil under my makeup. Hair is much more simple for me these days because I'm allowing it to grow out. I spend about 15 minutes doing both.


At night I always wash my face, tone, and then apply a heavy moisturizer or oil mixed with a tiny bit of water for deeper penetration. I do this routine by massaging the moisturizer or oil in circular motions on my face and down my neck into the decollete.


For indulgence, a hot bath with essential oils, candles, hot tea or wine are the perfect way for me to wind down. Overall wellbeing and nurturing are what I feel is best for my beauty routine.


What one beauty myth do you really want to debunk?

For years people have said wearing a dark lip and eye is a no no. I say, you can definitely wear a sexy smokey eye and a dark lip when it's appropriate. Especially for the holidays. Glam it up girls.


Since we can’t giveaway a personal one-on-one makeup session with Megan herself, we want to give one of you some of Megan’s favorites makeup colors from our More Than Makeup color line. Follow Megan on Instagram  @beautylovesnature and hashtag #5daysgive #labellafigurabeauty to win our Damn Elvia, Lissette La Coquette and the very last Disco Queen Gloria that we saved for this contest! 

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  • Wonderful write-up. I had the pleasure of meeting Megan at #anfgb. Such a beautiful lady.

    Candace Smith on

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