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Greenwich Market
It's already the third week of January and I'm a little late writing this post. First things first, we want to wish you a very happy new year as we head fully into 2015. We know you all have resolutions, goals and dreams and we hope to continue to be a part of your beauty regimen and look forward to bringing you more natural and innovative products. 
We were so excited to end 2014 with our launch in Europe and specifically with a retailer that we are so proud to be a part of, Content Beauty in London. We had been communicating with owner of Content, Imelda Burke for over a year about bringing the line into her gorgeously curated boutique in one of London's most posh neighborhoods, Marylebone (such a fun word to pronounce. In case you're wondering it's pronounce Marly-bone). Content has a prestigious reputation among natural beauties all over London and we noticed every single beauty we spoke to held both the shop and Imelda in such high regard for the clean efficient lines in store and Imelda's keen eye for quality and clean beauty. That spoke volumes to us. We always choose our retail partners carefully and there is little doubt Content is where we feel our London, UK and European lovelies will fall in love with La Bella Figura and where our line will be at home. At this time Content is carrying a few best selling products and as we continue to have all of our products EU certified and new packaging is complete you'll be able to shop more products at Content.
This brings us to some exciting news. We are repackaging our products complete with a new look and some advanced improvements for a few products. If you're wondering what that means for your skincare regimen, it only means that we have strengthened a few formulas with some ingredients that were not previously certified organic as well as added higher amounts of active ingredients to improve the efficacy of a few essential products. A huge plus for your skin. The repackaging won't be complete for a while, but we'll make sure to notify you as soon as it is via an email so make sure you sign up because we decided to add a little European touch just for you or loyal and most treasured customers and if we may say so, it is going to be absolutely stunning. Can't wait for you to see the completed project! 
Sneak Peek of our new brand identity design
I was so fortunate to spend both Christmas and the New Year abroad. I was in Dublin where the cheer was contagious and friendly Irish families were bustling with colorful jumpers and breaking out in song whereever we went. It was a dream come true for me to be in Ireland a country my heart has a strong connection to. I don't know why, but I have always been drawn to Ireland. Maybe because it's so green (even in winter it was indeed emerald-hued) and green is my favorite color or maybe because it is the homeland of some of my favorite writers, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Frank McCourt and Bram Stoker to name a few or maybe because the Irish enjoy a good chat and I also enjoy a good chat. I had a memorable and fantastic time in Dublin and hope to get back to explore the Irish countryside and forage in the woods. I had a fantastic discovery at a very upscale perfume shop with both rare and well known collections at Parfumarija. I was lucky enough to catch one of the owners and we had fun conversation about perfume, scent and whimsy. Of course, I bought a scent that rocked me off my feet and I that have blissfully worn almost daily. A great niche boutique for perfume and scent lovers. Check out their online shop.
Parfumarija in Dublin
After Dublin I headed to London and stayed in Greenwich home of Greenwich Mean Time (or Universal Time) and the Greenwich Prime Meridian, the common zero of longitude and start of time throughout the world. It is such a charming part of town and there was much to do and see. I browsed throught the famous Greenwich market on several occasions and discovered an organic pharmacy and the best strawberry champagne preserves of my life as well as crumpets I won't soon forget. In London I also had a Tea and Beauty Party organized by the fabulous ladies of UK blog Call It Vanity, Sabrina and Mayah. It was a joyous affair with many green beauty bloggers in attendance and I was ecstatic to chat about La Bella Figura and answer many questions. I was delighted to meet a few beauties we have connected with on social media and hear their stories and inspiration and passion for green beauty. It was like being with old friends and I could have have chatted all day with these lovelies at our proper tea. I hope to see everyone again this year, but for know I'll just keep their blogs bookmarked for new insight. (Will link all sites at the end of this post.) 
La Bella Figura Beauty And Tea Party
Finally, I made me way to Paris on the train. I had a short meeting there, but also enough time to explore and meet up with a beloved LBF customer for coffee. It was the coldest day in Europe I had experienced during my two week stay, but the sun was shining bright. The Champs De Elysees was a aligned with a string of colorful holiday markets and artisans, music, and shops full of people everywhere. I'm pretty sure I was smiling the entire time I was in Paris. I did touristy things as one does in the city of lights and took a few shameless selfies at the Eiffel Tower, then strolled through the streets into chesse, wine, seafood and chocolate shops. I bought the most luscious pain au chocolat in an adorable patisserie and felt very, very grateful to spend a day in this grand, historic and dreamy city. I was overwhelmed with the beauty that Paris is known for and felt choked up as I had to leave the next morning back to London. 
Victoria In Paris
We are big believers of bringing a bit of our journeys into La Bella Figura. We are adventurers and explorers and listen carefully to what women want from all over the world. We bring ingredients into our formulas from the best producers and growers throughout the world. Sometimes we're lucky enough to meet these growers and we get to see for ourselves and understand from start to finish why these ingredients are top notch and must find their way into our formulations. With that enthusiasm and that passion in mind we continue to create some of the best and highly effective products in our industry. We won't stop searching, exploring, learning and sharing for you. Time and time again we hear from women everywhere about how our effectual products are changing their skin and lives. You can rest assured we will never fall into a comfort zone, but instead strive harder to create even more efficacious, potent and safe formulas we can be proud to share with you. It is not just our our job to bring you products that work as a part of your daily regimen, but our mission to beautify your life. 2015 is the year of Luxurious Global Beauty and La Bella Figura. 
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  • What a lovely European Holiday!!! I can’t wait to try your products. I had to delurk. To ask what perfume you bought in Dublin? ( since i’m a perfume nut and we share a few favorites like Aftelier’s Tango)


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