On The Road To Beauty-Chapter I


The US Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan 2015-Photo credit Jenna Lee

Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone and take a chance. It can be daunting to leave your security blanket at home and go out to do what you have challenged yourself you would do. So here I am. Stepping away from my comfort zone. Away from home and my business for a month. Now a month doesn't seem like such a long time, unless you're an entrepreneur. If you are, you probably can't imagine taking off when things are hot and you've never been busier, have new staff to train, new products are launching and the orders and demand for your product are high. Well I've never been a traditional type of person and running La Bella Figura has never been a "follow the crowd" type of business. Were it so, our brand would be in every retail space and online store that have inquired and we'd be cranking out a new product every month to keep certain folks happy and talking about us on every blog site. No, we've done things a little on the unconventional side of things from the beginning. Not because we wanted to stir up anything, but because it was our goal to build an authentic business from the inside out. My gut has always been smarter and gutsier (pardon the pun) than those advising us on all the ways we're going to take LBF to "the next level." My gut was suggesting to seek adventure, meet new influencers in science and beauty and take a few classes and roll up my sleeves to dig into Italy. Not a bad place to be led, right? 

Photo credit-Jenna Lee

Last year I had an intuitative understanding for the next phase for LBF. I shared all this info with my business partner and team. No one was surprised about the new ideas or the level of work it would take just excited for the energy that it would bring to our future. The future has finally arrived and I'm about to delve a little deeper into what Karen and I created several years ago. I've always just jumped straight into new things and not overthink, dissect or analyze ideas to death. I'm pretty level headed, but also a risk taker. I wanted to get back to the origins of LBF and striving towards creating a truly global beauty brand. Encompassing both traditional and modern techniques to continue our road as innovators in natural beauty. I will be traveling through a few towns and cities for one delicious month! Learning, seeing, touching, smelling, growing, pressing and joyfully embracing what the future will hold. I'm motivated to bring this hands on energy back to my team and newly developed skills into our formulations. This definitely raises the bar for our number one focus, our customer. Remember a while back when I wrote, "everything we do, we do for you?" Well it's our job to always procure fresh ideas, powerful formulations and meet the most committed eco producers to bring you the best ingredients in the world. We do not kid around when it comes to quality. It is our company ethos and our passion. Stay with me on my adventures as I visit the World Expo in Milan and meet young scientists, live and work on a Tuscan farm, cultivate my "nose" and the world of perfumery in Rome and of course study the art of Italian living. I promise to share all of this incredible beauty with you. 

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