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A new season begins with the official kickoff of summer last weekend and June just around the corner. With that also comes a new set of skin concerns along with the heat and humidity and let’s not forget the sun itself. Luckily we have some product tips on how to best care for your skin during our most carefree months and new products to introduce to you.

We’re feeling pretty glorious these days with the arrival of our new luxurious and biodegradable packaging. Yes, that’s correct, those elegant cylinders you’ve been seeing our glass and white bottles packaged in are 100% completely recyclable, better yet they’re biodegradable in your compost and contain earth friendly ink so you need not worry. When we began the designing stages of our new look we wanted to incorporate both sustainable packaging (98% post consumer waste paper) with an unrefined elegance that would hold its own on your vanity table or beauty closet. The feel of the cylinders are smooth made of fine matte paper with a gorgeous new logo that represents our incomparable style, conscious global ingredients and beauty growth around the world. The world is falling in love with La Bella Figura and our standard of quality effectual products! Keep your eyes peeled because upcoming new partners are being hand selected by us to ensure our products are sold at verified and trained retailers that you can trust know these exceptional products inside out. You will soon find us at a few unique boutique spas/hotels.

This month we’re introducing a new product, Elysian Fields Hair and Body Hydro-essence. A lightweight multivitamin and antioxidant packed essence for your hair and skin to nourish and hydrate with a sophisticated natural fragrance of rose, orange blossom, sandalwood and spicy cardamom. If you can imagine a place where the most vibrant and loveliest flowers bloom everlasting, imagine Elysian Fields. This ethereal essence is full of hydrating retaining ingredients from necessary polysaccharides to super low weight hyaluronic acid to hold moisture in and keep hair shiny and skin dewy. If your mermaid tendencies run full gear during summer you won’t be anything, but delighted to protect your strands on the beach with Elysian Fields and Bohemia Verde. Spray the essence in your hair first for antioxidant protection and then add several drops of our newly reformulated Bohemia Verde into hair and place in a bun or braid so your hair doesn’t dry out on the beach. Your waves will shine and remain lustrous! We’ve added just two new potent ingredients to Bohemia Verde to increase its healthful abilities; pure banana peel oil (banana oil soothes inflammation of the scalp and the enzymes help dislodge flaking and reduce itchiness as well as heavily nourishes dry patches) and mimosa flower oil known for its delicate sweet fragrance. You’ll also notice we repackaged this beloved hair oil in a 2oz bottle with an easy treatment pump for dispensing the perfect amount of drops without messiness.

Sometimes we like to figure out ways on how to perfect a formula. We did just that with our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. We’ve added even more advanced enzyme actives, a beauty boost of polysaccharides with our unique mushroom extract, skin cleansing Amazonian white clay and a gentle coconut derived decyl glucoside for an easy cleansing off experience. Please do use Gentle Enzyme Cleanser as a mini mask treatment when skin is feeling dry and patchy. The perfect fruit and veggie blend of enzyme extracts found in pineapples, papayas and pumpkins will help exfoliate skin without irritation causing your complexion to feel super hydrated and look radiant. You’re going to love this new reformulation.

Jardin de Fleurs is a star among natural mists because we use only the best and highest quality ingredients to guarantee your skin is boosted with plenty of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes every single time your mist this delightful blend on your face. Our raw bioactive coconut juice is chock-full of electrolytes and extremely beneficial enzymes helping to repair underwhelming cells and our beautiful combination of hydrosols from the Queen of flowers, rose otto to the healing characteristics of helichrysum and jasmine flower. This is a carefully formulated facial mist for a splendid difference in how you incorporate delivery of nutrients to the cells.

If you’ve been a fan of our cheery Travel Therapy Mood Booster, you’re going to swoon over our newest addition to our aromatherapy botanic boosters, Happiness Therapy. Remember that time when you vacationed with the sun, ocean and exotic flowers as your background? Our Happiness Therapy takes you there with our therapeutic and proprietary blend of Tahitian gardenia flower, sweet coconut CO2, exotic coffee flower and spicy guava leaf. We guarantee this is summer at its best and will make you feel blissful with pure joy. Expect this to launch mid-June.

The summer always gets us excited as we travel to visit retailers in different cities for fun events as well as hosting the biggest green beauty event of them all, A Night For Green Beauty. This year it’s all taking place in Chicago and we can’t wait to have so many beauty lovers and brands in our city to show everyone a great time and all the amazing new things in the works. 


La Bella Figura


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