Why Summer Can Be The Cause Of Your Breakouts

We're in the midst of summer here in Chicago. I pretty much love every minute of it. I wake up to pink skies and a bright glowing sunrise. Everything is so lush from all the rain we've had these last two seasons.The local produce is fresh, juicy and delicious and morning walks to my garden elicit anticipation as I can't wait to see what has grown overnight or blossomed while I was dreaming. I'm a summer lover through and through, but I never did like the heat. (I don't really care for the actual heat.) We are known for wacky weather in the midwest and this year isn't any different. I've kept watch of weather across the country and other international cities to hear the number one complaint being, "humidity." Humidity combined with city living can create a myriad of skin problems with acne and breakouts being your skin's number one enemy. What do you when you can't control the weather? Get on an anti-humidity skin routine for one thing! 


When humidity hits and your urban jungle becomes tropical your skin can appear excessively oily. What most of us typically do is wipe the extra oil off, but that is exactly the wrong thing to do! Rubbing can cause bacteria to spread across the skin. Do not rub, instead gently blot. Use a tissue and gently blot the excessive oil off discarding the tissue and using a fresh one for other areas. If possible cleanse your skin immediately. If you're at work and can't cleanse, spray a toner onto your face and neck area. Jardin De Fleurs is a perfect gentle toner that contains both enzymes and anti-bacterial ingredients, rose, licorice and helichrysum flower hydrosols as well as plantain extract known for its salicylic-acid and astrigent constituents. The effects of a toner with active ingredients keeps pores clean, restores pH balance and tightens the cell gap reducing environmental and bacteria pollutants to penetrate deeper into pores. 


This is often the step many get confused about. Mostly because your skin feels heavy and grimy in humidity and the inclination is to skip moisturizing, however this is a crucial part of your skin's health and very necessary. The type of moisturizer you use can yield great benefits or worsen your condition. Heavy, creamy moisturizers are best for nighttime use and for very dry skin. Make sure you're on ingredient alert and avoid skin suffocating elements like mineral oil, heavy waxes and parabens. We go straight for moisture that is antioxidant packed and nourishing to out of balance skin. Daily Elements Defense and Barbary Fig Seed Oil are two incredible summertime skin oils that provide extra antioxidant protection while supplying skin with omegas, amino acids and the vitamins your skin loses when you sweat. They help calm inflammation and Barbary Fig Seed Oil is a life savior if you've been overexposed to UV rays and are experiencing pain, redness and dryness. High amounts of Vitamin E and amino acids help reduce the inflammation and the recovery time from sunburn speeds up with daily use. (There has been some inaccurate reporting in the green community that BFSO is not to be worn during the day, but nothing could be further from the truth. Use it day or night and frequently for benefits outstanding.) 


This may be the very last thing you want to do when you can't beat the heat, but this can actually help your acne quite a bit. It's also a great first step before applying an active face mask. Steam clean skin with water that is 110 degrees Fahrenheit and don't get so close that it can scald. Use a large bowl filled with herbs or a facial tea (ours Facial Steam Tea is getting a beautiful makeover in new packaging) add hot water and create a tent with a towel as you hover over the bowl allowing the steam to cleanse your skin. Do this for three to seven minutes once a week at night. Use a face mask immediately after, you'll thank us later. 

Mask And Exfoliate

Now that your skin is fresh, hydrated and cleansed this is a great time to get your face mask to work its best. We recommend our Purifying Manuka Mask for oily and blackhead prone types. Its antibacterial benefits come from manuka honey, which is the first ingredient in our mask. The addition of Amazonian white clay, rhassoul clay, activated charcoal, parsley seed and turmeric root collectively helps to purify and stimulate circulation as well as slough off those dead skin cells. A good mask does two things; nourishes skin and circulates blood flow. Our Purifying Manuka Mask accomplishes that and then some keeping cells hydrated, which is a unique task for a mask containing detoxifying agents. Thanks to that nutrient rich and enzyme boasting manuka honey which is so good for your skin you won't lose moisture and your skin won't feel tight and dry. A big no no because chronic dryness overstimulates the system of balance and will cause sebum production to go on high alert and repeat oiliness and acne into a frenzied nightmare you can't seem to control. Keep your sebum levels in check and don't use alcohol based products or salts that wipe away good oils either. 


Your skin needs food and your cells crave vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Nighttime is perfect for feeding your skin a myriad of replenishing and reparative ingredients. For this we cannot stress enough how miraculous Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment is. We've never met a beauty editor or fanatic that hasn't been floored by the power of this brilliant cell treatment. That is due to the stellar lineup of glow inducing ingredients and careful selection of antioxidants, peptides, polysaccharides, amino acids and omegas wonderfully balanced for your skin's nutrition. Think of it as your daily dose of green juice for your face. This product is for serious skin fans and your results in the morning will prove it. 

Your skin deserve tender loving care every day, but when the weather is determined to get the better of you, don't allow it! Improve your skin game with products that contain a host of active ingredients and treat yourself to results that are long lasting. Keep cool, stay beautiful and enjoy the glorious days of summer. 

Xo La Bella Figura


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