The Biggest Mistakes Overheard At The Beauty Boutique


It was raining and I was waiting for a bus that never came so I ended up popping into a huge beauty store the other day, (nearly choked with all the synthetic perfume being sprayed on unsuspecting customers, but that’s another story) and as I perused all the pretty packaging and claims of magic potions I overheard some pretty fascinating conversations between customers and sales people. I didn’t plan on eavesdropping, but it was kind of a bonus to get the scoop at what sales people are telling customers. About 80% of the “advice” from one conversation I overheard was not just incorrect, but completely damaging. I cringed as the customer placed all the products the sales person suggested and grabbed off shelves in her little black basket to purchase. Then I thought how many of us trust salespeople in beauty stores and their actual knowledge about beauty. I thought it would be interesting to write this post and share some of the overheard problems and provide more helpful solutions. So here it goes beauties, take heed that we’re looking out for you with your best interest at heart. Let us know in the comments if you need some advice from us. We’re always happy to help.

Overheard question-I have such dry skin right now and nothing is helping, what can I use to keep my skin from feeling so dry?

Our response-Skin does tend to feel drier during colder months as the water in skin evaporates more quickly. In fact, skin loses more than 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter. Incorporating a facial mist/toner with hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine is going to increase hydration and help keep cells swollen (in this case this is a good thing) with moisture longer.  Use a mist before applying your face cream, serums and oils to create a smart delivery system then another quick spritz after applying makeup to set skin.

Try our Jardin de Fleurs Skin Revitalizer with hyaluronic acid, flower hydrosols and plant-based extracts for added benefits.

Overheard question-My blush is not staying on and looks so flaky on my skin. What brand makes a blush that lasts all day?

Our response-For one thing, no makeup lasts all day and if it does you should really question why. Sweating, touching our faces, wearing hats, scarves and your average rundown of a busy life all contribute to having makeup naturally wear off during the day. Most of us need a quick touch up at the end of the day if we’re heading into evening activities. The sales person also failed to notice this particular customer was a more “mature” woman with dry skin issues and should have encouraged her to try a cream blush. A cream blush can help stay on drier skin longer plus it compliments the complexion much better. I would have suggested our pretty coral toned Frida Fabulosa Radiant Cream Blush with kakadu plum extract and barbary fig seed oil to keep skin looking and feeling great.

Try our Frida Fabulosa Radiant Cream Blush with skin enhancing benefits.

Overheard problem-I forget to take my makeup off at least 2-3 times a week and need a product to revitalize my skin.

Our response-Stop sleeping in your makeup! No product is going to revitalize your skin if you continue to abuse it so harshly and yes sleeping in makeup is the ultimate skincare sin. Your skin age accelerates with this bad habit degrading tissue and inducing build-up. This is not aging gracefully by any means as well as it contributes to hyper-pigmentation, clogged pores, acne, inflammation and wrinkles. It’s like being a vegan that smokes, an animal activist that buys beauty products from China, a Buddhist that carries a gun…you get my point? Now here is my remedy if you’ve accidentally slept in your warpaint (it happens sometimes so I’ll cut you a little slack.)

The morning after: Take all your makeup off and take time for a short steam cleansing, at least 3-5 minutes to dislodge stubborn remnants of makeup and pollution that has burrowed into pores. Then apply a calming face mask. (You’re going to have to invest time and quality products here.) Finish with a facial mist and reparative, anti-inflammatory face oil. Laziness truly did not pay off because now you need additional steps to reverse the damage sleeping in makeup causes. This careful remedy should help get you glowing when you make that mistake, but in all honesty chronic abuse of your skin shows up rather quickly and many times is permanent damage. Our skin can take a lot, but just like any organ in our bodies it will let you know enough is enough and by that time you’ll notice brown spots, thinning tissue, sallowness that never goes away, dehydration that “leathers” your complexion and it’s pretty much a disaster that was entirely preventable. Don’t go there and take simple measures to care for your skin health.

Try our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser, Healing Manuka Mask, Jardin de Fleurs and Barbary Fig Seed Oil.

If you were wondering what the worse piece of advice was that I heard that day in the mega beauty store it came from the twenty four year old sales person admitting to the customer that she also slept in her makeup “on the weekends only” because she liked her smudgy makeup look the next day. Then she sold her a heavy alcohol based toner, “wipe off your makeup with this. It’ll really clean your skin.” The customer shrugged and added another mistake to her basket.




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