The Best Summer Skin Care Tips

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Summer is mostly here and everyone is excited about fresh fruit at the farmers markets, wearing thin dresses. darling sandals, and easy breezy endless days filled with abundant sunshine. Which brings us to discuss the sun. Enemy or Friend? Truth be told, the sun is a bit of both, a battle of good and evil, with good prevailing as long as one doesn't abuse it. Without the sun we wouldn't have those luscious strawberries full of vitamins and minerals or beautiful plants and trees. Our brains also covet the natural rays of the sun as a healthy dose of Vitamin D boosts dopamine (a "feel good" hormone) levels in the brain and studies show dopamine deficiency can lead to depression. So, why does "El Sol" get such a bad rap? 

I am going to blame it on television and magazines! Yes, indeed I am, because suddenly being bronzed was glamorized the way cigarettes and thin models were.  The notion being, that a tan signified success as well a coveted life of travel and leisure, copious amounts of money and a fabulous lifestyle to be envied by all the pale faces everywhere. Some even believed that a tan meant you were healthy so a little extra sizzle must have meant you would live forever! We all know the truth now and some of us have learned important sun safety care, while others are still baking and looking like sundried tomatoes with eyeballs. What we all need to keep in mind is that all tans are sun damage to the skin and in order to decrease our chances of melanoma or other cancers, prevent sun spots, wrinkles, and all around looking like beef jerky we need to take precaution to protect BEFORE and AFTER long periods of sun exposure. Here are some of my tips and suggestions for good pre and post sun care, but remember to enjoy the sun and not fear it so much as see it as something to indulge in moderation, like chocolate! 



1. Wear Good Sunscreen With An SPF Of At Least 30

A good sunscreen is pivotal in sun safety and if you're like me you hate the white streaks that make you look even paler than need be. Invest in organic, chemical free products as chemicals in sunscreen are rampant and absorb into your bloodstream to wreak all sorts of other havoc. La Bella Figura is a fan of Raw Elements USA because of their quality ingredients that moisturize and protect.

2. Wear A Hat On A Beach

You know how your Mom always made you wear a hat in winter? Take the same approach in summer and protect your scalp with a beautiful, fashionable hat that provides shade over your face too.


3. Sunglasses Are Your Best Friend

Besides looking super cool, sunglasses protect your eyes from macular degeneration, cataracts, and pterygia, which can lead to serious vision problems down the road. See, a good excuse to buy a fancy you'll wear forever. 


4.  Post Game It

If wrinkles, lines, and sun spots are a cause for worry then make sure you post treat your skin after a day at the beach or pool. While I was on vacation recently, some of my friends (that did not heed my warning) got a little too cozy with the sun and their red skin and faces were aching. Luckily, I had my beauty staples at hand and especially Barbary Fig Renewal Serum was applied to calm down the inflammation and help with topical minerals and vitamins needed to quickly heal the damage. One said friend couldn't believe how fast the serum worked to repair his skin and is now a hooked fish on natural products, especially the Barbary Fig Renewal Serum. We've said it all along, nature heals in the gentlest of ways! 


5. Eat, Drink, And Slather Your Antioxidants

Do your skin, body and brain a favor and drink whole fruit juices! You can press them yourself or go into a juice bar, but do it! I swear by the fact that I eat a bowl of fruit before bed as often as I can. I feel the look of my skin has improved by this delicious simple step and wake up glowing. Look through your kitchen because some of your staple items can be mixed together to make a deep conditioning hair mask that you can apply to before putting your hair into a top knot. Coconut oil, olive oil, and turmeric make a hair mask that will leave your hair looking ultra sexy when you rinse it off. 


Barbary Fig Renewal Serum

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  • Turmeric in a hair mask? Wow… now that’s intriguing. What purpose does it serve, and doesn’t it stain your hair a bit?

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