Unique Facts About Barbary Fig Seed Oil

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       Unique Facts About Cold Pressed Barbary Fig Seed Oil


  • 62% Linoleic Acid Helps Prevent Collagen Loss And Sagging
  • Rich In Minerals And Amino Acids Stimulates Healthy Cell Renewal
  • Potent Anti-Inflammatory Reduces Redness And Healing For Sensitive Skin Types
  • High In Essential Fatty Acids Moisturizes Dry Skin And Restores Skin's Health
  • Zinc Content Reduces Sebum Production And Treats Acne 
    La Bella Figura uses Organic Cold Pressed Barbary Fig Seed Oil in their formulations to provide the richest and most powerful antioxidant power in skincare. Because of the unique chemistry of Barbary Fig Seed Oil it has a natural active shelf life of 18 months if cared for properly.

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  • Hi – just wondering where I can purchase this amazing oil in Australia? Thanks

    Kirsty on

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