The Travel Diaries Collection-Organic Perfumes


We are so excited to debut our newest additions to our organic line. Perfumes designed in special tribute to our favorite cities. These unique blends are very personal to us and evoke all sorts of emotions as we relied on moments and memories from our travels to create them. We can't wait to debut the entire collection at the Elements Showcase next month and hope others love them as much as we do!  Read a little sneak peek about the first in the collection-BARCELONA.

"There are some places that move you beyond the usual, "I want to live here" fantasy when on vacation. There is magic about this modern yet ancient city by the sea that evokes a sense of belonging, of cultural and linguistic appeal for me. Perhaps it is the sea with its mysterious secrets that have always eluded me or perhaps it is the earth, rich with minerals that explode in a glass of effervescent cava. I have a connection to Barcelona that lives deep within me. When I need to be in a happy place, I recall of walking through the sleek shop filled streets, sitting on a beach watching the salt form on the peak of a wave, or of driving past the rolling sea of vineyards meeting the mountains beside me.  The sun doesn’t just shine on my Catalan city, but seems to embrace its sophisticated bohemian spirit with an all-around glow. The days are filled with discovery and wonder and the evenings…ah, they encapsulate the remarkable beauty of art meeting life"

From The Travel Diaries Collection By La Bella Figura-August 2012


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