How To Prepare A Facial Steam At Home




One of the reasons a facial steam is such a curative treatment is the ability warm steam provides to soften skin, and bring dirt, bacteria, and oil to the surface to help detoxify pores. There is a huge beauty myth that has been circulating for ages that a facial steam "opens" up your pores. Your pores do not actually ever open up and close, they only appear to be open as they retain hydration and swell. This is a good process as it is this stage when debris and dirt is easier to dislodge, as well as give your skin a good deep cleansing to help purify your pores. Adapting facial steaming as part of your skincare routine is especially helpful to those with problem prone skin and severely dry, and mature types. Your skin may get worse before it gets better as sebum buildup, dirt and bacteria may come to the surface in the form of white and blackheads, however it has been my experience that once your skin begins to purify from the deep cleansing, you will be rewarded with clear, well hydrated and glowing skin. Although this isn't rocket science there are some methods that help to make the process more beneficial, therapeutic and healing for you. I'm about to take you on a simple step by step method so that you can incorporate this into your schedule as soon as possible. Once you start and the results start to provide you with lovely skin, you'll wonder what took you so long to start!


Create Steam In Your Bathroom Sink:

For this you will need a clean large bowl that is not used for food preparation. I prefer a large glass bowl that fits nicely into my sink, although you may need a damp washcloth to steady your bowl underneath.

Meanwhile, bring your tea kettle to a boil with fresh, cold water. 

Cleanse Your Skin:

You should begin a facial steam with freshly washed skin. An ideal time is right after a bath or shower, but you can also cleanse as usual, making sure to remove makeup and excess oil from cosmetics. You want the warm steam to remove impurities without clogging waxy cosmetics deeper into pores.

Add Your Herbs, Flowers, Or Essential Oils:

Add a tablespoon of healing herbs or dried organic flowers to your clean bowl to provide a soothing and nutrient release to your facial steam. Make sure you only use natural or organic ingredients as many flowers are sprayed with chemicals and you don't want those toxins penetrating into your bloodstream. If you don't have dried healing herbs, you may add a few drops of frankincense, rose, or lavender oils into your bowl. 

Add The Hot Water:

Very carefully and slowly you will add the hot water into your bowl with your herb or oil mixture and allow to steep like a tea. Quickly drape a cotton towel over your head and make a tent so that the steam and healing effects can begin to sweat out your face. Make sure your face is not too close to the steam so that you don't burn. You should feel soothing and comforting warmth with the release of nutrients from your flowers or herbs. You may continue to add the hot water as necessary to create additional steam. A good facial steam should last no longer than fifteeen minutes.

Apply Your Moisturizer Or Mask:



While your skin is purifying and your pores are swollen with hydration, lightly damp skin dry and apply a few drops of a beneficial oil, such as Barbary Fig Seed Oil or Moroccan Face Gold. For very dry skin types you may also benefit from a pea sized amount of our restorative Rainforest Hydration Treatment to lock in vitamins and minerals. You may also use this time to give yourself a face mask treatment to deliver soothing goodness by applying as directed over fresh, dewy skin. This is my favorite time to use a face mask and I feel as though my skin just glows immediately after.

Try this once or twice a week (for acne prone skin) and you'll begin to see your skin change soon enough! I honestly think this has saved me from all the cold, wild Chicago weather in combination with my traveling and climate changes over the past year. No doubt you'll catch me on a winter's evening all cozied up after a facial steam with a face mask getting ready to watch an episode of Homeland. Come Monday morning all I have to show for it is a nice glow. That's good enough for me!

La Bella Figura will debut our Bio Active Healing Masks in November just in time for the winter season and we think you'll ready like these masks for both, problem prone and dry and mature skin. Just wait until you try these two amazing soothing masks!







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