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Three Beauty Things I Tried: Week Two

Each weekend I test out a few of the latest beauty products to hit my desk. Here's the latest results: 


La Bella Figura "Paris" Perfume Oil ($90, La Bella Figura): 
Handmade in Chicago, La Bella Figura makes all of their products with organic, natural, and fair-trade ingredients from around the world. They've recently added a roll-on fragrance oil inspired by the Parc De George Brassens in Paris. Based around tree notes (sandalwood, oakmoss, fir), it smells like an old library whose fireplace has just been snuffed out. Despite a certain smokiness and the usually gourmand notes of cognac and vanilla (which can sometimes be a turn-off because of its richness), this fragrance actually comes off rather crisp and a bit floral, too. I chalk this up to the lavender, magnolia, and tuberose notes that perfu-magically don't get drowned out. 


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