Win Our Bespoke Perfume Contest This Holiday season!

Have you ever dreamt about your own perfume blend that you helped to create? This holiday season your dream may come true when you purchase $100.00 and over worth of La Bella Figura products from our webstore! All you need to do to enter is make a purchase between November 23, 2012-December 24, 2012 and your name will automatically be entered to win in a random drawing selected on December 27, 2012. If you make more than one purchase during this period your name will be entered again for an additional chance to win! This is our gift to you this season for a truly authentic and special gift from La Bella Figura Beauty, LLC.

The winner of our Bespoke Perfume Contest will be notified by email. A perfumer from La Bella Figura will then contact you via telephone to guide you in your perfume characteristics and walk you through the process of designing your blend. You will receive a crash course in the elements that complete a well balanced natural perfume and learn about top, middle, and base notes. You will also be asked to complete a perfume profile, and we will send samples of several blends based on our conversation and perfume profile until you are pleased with your bespoke creation. La Bella Figura will create a one time 1 oz. perfume that you will name yourself and we will package it for you in a beautiful glass bottle. La Bella Figura will catalog your perfume to be purchased at a later time if you desire. 
Please note that all formulas created by La Bella Figura Beauty, LLC are the sole property of La Bella Figura Beauty, LLC and remain protected under trade secret laws. This bespoke creation we will design for you shall not be resold for retail. The estimated value of this custom perfume creation is valued at $1,500.00. All entrants should be aware that we only work with natural materials and do not use petrochemicals or toxic solvents in any of our formulations.

*Our Bespoke Perfume Contest is open to US residents, Puerto Rico, Europe, and Canada.


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