12 Days Of Beauty-Featuring Siobhan O'Connor


Our Fifth Day Of Beauty brings us to natural beauty revolutionary and truth teller, Siobhan O'Connor. Siobhan and her beauty BFF, Alexandra Spunt co-authored one of the most insightful books we've ever read and shed light into what none of us really thought about, the ingredients in our face creams. If you haven't read: No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products And The Ultimate Guide To Safe And Clean Cosmetics, go get it and read it NOW! It's eye opening and very educational with a bit of humor and mystery involved (will Alexandra every straighten her gorgeous locks ever again?) Additionally, Siobhan is a deputy editor at Prevention magazine and blogger at one of our favorite websites, No More Dirty Looks where both she and Alexandra write about nontoxic alternatives and fans interact with their own recommendations and experiences. We love that!  

At The Top Of Siobhan's Holiday Beauty List:

1. Coyuchi Striped Wool Throw-$180

"Home, wherever it happens to be, is where my heart is, so this organic wool throw from Coyuchi is high on my hit list. I like keeping the windows open even when it's chilly, which means I rely a lot of cozy throws."

"On that same note, I'm obsessed with cute loungewear. This takes it to a sexy other level, and it's so pretty. Must get!"
"My before-bed ritual is fairly simple: organic beauty products, and products that makes me feel good in my own skin. I still rely on La Bella Figura's eye serum, but my new favorite indulgence is the Bio Active Purifying Mask."
This sounds pretty cozy to us. Thanks for sharing Siobhan and that silk chemise pick is truly...va va voom! 


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