12 Days Of Beauty-Featuring Amy Dufault


Let's make this clear...we love, adore, admire, heck even worship Amy Dufault. Now that we've made that perfectly clear let us count the reasons why this editor and fashion lover means so much to us. Besides the fact that Amy seeks out beautiful sustainable clothing, visionary artisans, and eco minded foodies, one feels very inspired after a conversation with her. Personally, I suffer from anxiety when I think of the way the world shops (H&M, Walmart, etc.) without regard to designers,artisans, and consumers or how we dispose of or create trash, or...so many things that keep me up at night, but Amy's sense of calm and belief in the art of crafting somehow eases my tension and I begin to believe we're headed back to all that was once good. The former EIC of EcoSalon is an inspiration to young designers and her voice is powerful, impactful, and directly thoughtful in her mission. We wait with anticipation to follow Amy on her new journey. Remember you heard it from us first! 

An Amy's Holiday Wishlist:

1. Tesoro Mediterranean Blend-$70

"I do not leave home without this in my bag and feel like a LBF pusher with it. Seriously ask anyone. I love how it smells, soaks in and heals my cuticles and chafed winter hands"

"I was just in NYC hanging out at the Textile Arts Center and borrowed this necklace for an event (and to get my new tattoo) and fell in love. I am sending this link to my mother in hopes of finding it under the tree this year! Tough and teethy but totally made from a sweet Brooklyn ceramic artist."

"I am more than a little obsessed with this sweater dress from Elroy and have started to see a strange pattern in that I am gravitating towards triangles. I would wear this with tights or my skinny jeans for 2 totally different looks."
There you have it. A great list, but somehow we want a little more from Amy and that's just how it always is when you have a little bit of something that's deep, rich, and intriguing, just like a slice of chocolate cake! We wish we could have gotten a photo of that new tattoo for example!

If you were as much a fan of EcoSalon as we were and wish to see it come back, write to this guy and tell him so! dirk@vivaterra.com


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