12 Days Of Beauty-Featuring LBF Social Media Intern Aisha Colon


Today is our 11th day of beauty and we would like to introduce you to Aisha Colon our awesome intern that wears many hats. Young, fun, and full of ideas we adore Aisha because...she does what we ask of her without complaining and sometimes we ask a lot! Aisha has many aspirations and is still in college doing an excellent job and making us proud, so we know she's going places. As a matter of fact, she's planning a full time move to Chicago as soon as school is over for her and we can't wait! She has great style (taught us how to make the perfect voluminous top knot) and loves skincare and makeup so much, which makes her a great human guinea pig for testing new LBF products. She doesn't complain about that either. Why would she? She gets to try our new products before anyone else! We told you she's bright.

Her Top Beauty Favorites:

1. W3LL People Hedonist Luminous Mineral Bronzer-$23

"It is difficult to find a good bronzer these days. Most bronzers are much too bold and it can look obvious when wearing it. W3ll People's mineral bronzer is light on my skin, blends in really well and leaves me with a natural looking glow which I love!"

2. Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum-$115

"If you want to look flawless you must take care of your eyes and I love La Bella Figura's Decouverte under eye serum! It really helps with my dark cirlces and puffiness under the eye, plus I'm already pre-treating any future lines or wrinkles so maybe I'll delay them for a long time to come."

"I think a good cat's eye can make a person feel glamorous and it really changes your daytime look. It's key to find a liquid liner with a perfect point for even the shakiest hands and this one is amazing."

4. Skin & Co. Herbal Shower Gel Set-$50

"For me getting ready for a great night out is essential and a bath or shower is much more special when you use incredible smelling shower gels or soaps. This trio is full of Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, thyme and verbena and oliveoil and Sicilian lemon. Oh, how I wish Santa will put this under my tree this year!"

We're pretty excited for Aisha and her future, whatever she decides to do. (A career in beauty or scientist extraordinaire.) She is learning about green beauty and is so hopeful that more and more companies will eliminate all the toxic ingredients out of their products and more companies will continue to make beautiful makeup that enhances skin. We 100% agree with her!



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