Holiday Travel Doesn't Mean Your Skin Should "Dull Up!"


If you're planning on being on a plane, train or automobile during the busy holiday season you may already have the skin Gods stacked against you. The recycled air on an airplane can cause your skin to prune up and dry out like a brittle old raisin before you finish the latest issue of Vogue. Drinking water is great for your insides, but doesn't necessarily replenish moisture loss from your skin and if you already have oily skin recycled dry air can make your skin whack out and become oilier. There is nothing worse after stepping off of a long flight and looking into a mirror to see a new batch of whiteheads or dull skin with flaky patches! We've come up with a few steps we take while on the road to keep our skin looking radiant and healthy.

1. Pack your travel sized products in a clear TSA approved bag so that you may keep all your products handy in your handbag. Personally, I make sure to bring these La Bella Figura travel essentials; Decouverte Under Eye Repair, Barbary Fig Renewal Serum, and Rainforest Hydration Treatment.

2. Wash your hands! After getting through security and shopping at the Duty Free shop or browsing for your travel magazines you need to remember to wash your hands before touching your face. Often this is the culprit to those little whitehead breakouts on a flight that shockingly crop up. As soon as your hands are clean apply your Barbary Fig Renewal Serum and lightly pat into skin. I also like to roll a little Decouverte Under Eye Repair and with my fingertip "dab" gently under my eye to avoid fluid buildup and around my eyes to fill any dry delicate areas.

3. Use cleansing wipes with a little chamomile or grapefruit extract to lightly wipe away bacteria that may build up mid-flight. I try to wear light makeup so it's easier to clean off if I need to quickly 'cleanse' my skin. After using a biodegradable facial wipe mid-flight, I again apply another drop of BFRS to my face and dab another Decouverte treatment under and around my eyes. Oils and serums are going to work much better than water based creams to keep skin hydrated as water evaporates at a rapid speed in low moisture conditions. Think of it this way: you're a prime cut of filet mignon that can easily turn into tasteless beef jerky if you don't replenish with vital oils. The plane itself is the drying machine.

4. On very long international flights I use Rainforest Hydration Treatment which is very rich in plant butters and omegas and apply to my skin after using the serum to deliver extra nutrients and seal in moisture. I created this formula while on a flight actually as I thought I'd love extra insurance to keep my skin hydrated and began creating a formula in my head that was waterless and guaranteed to perform for this particulat skin concern. This product is truly balanced and beautiful and my savior during cold winter months! 

5. Snack on omega rich foods like walnuts, sacha inchi seeds and dark chocolate or fruit, which are antioxidant powerhouses. Dried berries are very handy for travel and my new favorite are aronia berries. Avoiding alcohol is helpful while up in the air, but if you must indulge make certain to drink water alongside your glass of wine and keep cocktails at a minimum. Everyone knows alcohol is super dehydrating!

6. As soon as I'm at my hotel or destination, I apply our Bio Active Healing Mask to revitalize and deep clean and if I'm in for the night again apply my serum and eye repair treatment and off to bed to get some skin rejuvenating good sleep. These tips can really help you feel and look great while you're traveling and no one will ever know you've been at the airport for 16 hours or changing planes (four times) en route to your final destination: holiday vacation!

Happy Travels!








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