How To Use Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum


We are constantly asked about how to most effectively use our best selling product, Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum by beauty editors, curious beauty buffs and even beloved customers. It's a great question that deserves a solid answer because there is a method in using this potent all natural eye depuffer, wrinkle fighter, anti ager, and dark circle eliminator that will provide active benefits quicker as a result. Rosehip seed oil provides natural retinol which aids as an anti ager, green coffee bean oil helps to depuff eyes with unique components exclusive to active phytosterols found only in green coffee beans, barbary fig seed oil supplies Vitamin E, and azulene from blue tansy is super hydrating and anti inflammatory, and combined you have a natural eye treatment that works like a true rockstar!

For Morning Use: To protect and use as an anti aging product, apply Decouverte lightly under and around eyes and gently "pat" into these areas allowing the serum to absorb into the skin for at least ten minutes before applying moisturizers and eye makeup. It is very important to allow the serum to absorb well otherwise your makeup will smudge. Give yourself time for morning use.

For Evening Use: After cleansing skin and applying your favorite LBF face oil or serum, apply one rollertop treatment under and around each eye and DO NOT blend in. Allow the serum to work its magic by slowly absorbing overnight into the skin to deliver all the active benefits to your eye area. You will begin to notice brighter and refreshed looking eyes soon enough! 

For Use While Traveling: Our easy rollertop applicator and snug top make Decouverte a great traveling companion. Apply during a flight to keep your delicate eye area well moisturized with vitamins and mineral rich actives to avoid drying out the skin and cause eyes to retain fluid buildup. Gently pat into skin before takeoff or mid-flight or both! 

It's that simple and if you haven't tried this miracle, all in one eye treatment...what are you waiting for?! It's a favorite among many and the reason is, it works beautifully and naturally to take care of the windows to your soul.


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