The Flu, Cold Weather, And Dry Skin, Oh My!


Lately, it seems every time we open up our email or answer calls it's another person asking for help with their severe dry winter skin issues. Right now in Chicago we're waking up to below zero temperatures and if you add the wind chill well, basically you're freeze drying your skin every time you step outside. Then we come indoors and crank up the heat to warm our bones and now we're taking the moisture out of the air some more and causing even more harm to our skin. Many people are suffering from the flu and taking all sorts of medication that can be drying to one's skin. What's a person to do, besides book a flight to a hot and balmy island for the remainder of winter? Steam and oil it up we say!

I have had the flu, a sinus infection, acute bronchitis all in a row this winter so far. I have also been traveling and hitting all sorts of climate zones. Coming from a cold climate to balmy then to a rainy seasonal climate, dry mountain air, back to balmy, then to freeze drying temps and again to hot dry California weather...I mean my poor skin has been through the wringer in the last month and somehow I am receiving compliments at how "fresh and pretty" my skin is looking. It's not an accident or a secret! People ask and of course I tell everyone what I do to keep my skin in its best shape and now I'm going to tell you. Steam, heal, repair, and protect in that order. Winter skincare reveal is out of the bag now.


STEAM: Use our very gentle facial teas to steam your skin at home to detoxify and add moisture to your pores. This helps to remove impurities that can clog your skin and add to its congestion making skin look lackluster and causing patches of dry skin to build up. It's also a very beneficial treatment before using products to help them reach their full potential by delivering them deep into skin. We highly recommend this! You don't need to do this every day, just a couple times a week during winter. It's easy, therapeutic and even relieves sinus congestion as I discovered in the midst of my raging illness.


HEAL: Both of our face masks are designed to heal your skin from dryness and irritation to acne and unbalanced sebum production. Bio Active Healing Mask is wonderful for dry and mature skin types. A super antioxidant benefit comes from aronia berries. According to the USDA, aronia berries contain three to four times the antioxidants found in pomegranate, blueberries and goji berries. That's a lot of antioxidant power! Manuka honey helps to moisturize as well as gently exfoliate with therapeutic enzymes. Applying our face masks after a facial steam is an extremely effective method to target and treat a skin issue. We absolutely adore doing this on a chilly Sunday evening right before a new episode of Downton Abbey and you will too.  

Warning: your pets, spouse or children may think you look crazy and attempt to photograph you. Ignore them, your skin will reward you with a lovely fresh glow.


REPAIR: Here is where our expertise in skincare comes in. Being exposed to harsh elements such as frigid air and high wind chills will surely damage your skin just as much as other environmental daily assaults such as smoking to sun exposure to a poor diet. You must repair with healthy omegas and vitamins. Barbary Fig Renewal Serum will work wonders to replenish moisture to skin cells and offers excellent lipid protection from a mix of critical tocopherols, squalene, and vitamins all working in symphony to penetrate the surface and go to where the repair needs to take place, deep layers. What we hear most often from women using this product is, "why haven't I discovered this before?" For more sensitive skin types pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil also works well to repair and offer essential fatty acids for anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and reparative effects on skin. 


PROTECT: If you're in need for just a 'little extra' the way I have with the constant climate changes and illness I've undergone in such a short time span, I can't recommend our Rainforest Hydration Treatment enough! This product is nutrient rich, dense with oleic acid, AHA, and beta-carotene. It's vegan based since we use olive wax instead of beeswax in this formulation for an extra nourishing and emollient texture making this a hybrid balm that is creamy upon scooping into your hands and melts into skin beautifully. Use Rainforest Hydration Treatment right over your face oil or serum and before being exposed to cold air to protect skin from moisture loss and damage. A little goes a long way with this product and remember to use on your hands and areas where moisture is most needed. If you're a skier take this treatment with you and remember to share with your fellow snow bunnies to protect on the slopes.

Taking a few extra steps like drinking plenty of fresh green coconut water, healthy juices, cleansing your skin with raw honey or with mild cleansers, using a humidifier in your rooms, keeping plants in your home, and staying healthy will help to keep you looking your best all winter long. 

Keeping your skin beautiful, one plant at a time,


La Bella Figura




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