Raw Organic Honey Makes One Fantastic Face Cleanser


We receive emails, phone calls, comments and once in a while the occasional card from customers asking what new products we're launching or working on to add to our beloved line. Almost everyone asks for a cleanser or face wash to start their LBF regiment and while we're hard at work on that (Hint: it will be something different from all the rest) we have our own personal tips at cleansing our skin at our offices. Lately, I have been using pure, raw honey to cleanse with and I can honestly claim my skin has been blemish free for months! Not to mention, soft and pretty well hydrated. I follow up my cleansing with my favorite anti aging serum, Barbary Fig Renewal Serum.

You should use raw organic honey for the best results. Raw honey is unfiltered, unprocessed and untreated with heat and heat actually kills the therapeutic enzymes and phytonutrients that make this natural ingredient so healing. I prefer two brands, the Y.S. Organic Bee Farms 100% USDA Certified Organic Raw Honey or 365 Everyday Value Organic Raw Wildflower Honey. Sometimes you will see a crown of white foamy cream on top of these containers, don't be alarmed and throw it out like my sister once did for fear it's gone bad, it is actually a great sign because the white foamy cream is the healthful and very coveted (at least by me) propolis, bee pollen, and honeycomb mixed with trapped air that naturally forms on top. I consider it a special treat when I find a nice amount of it and selfishly scoop some up to eat and leave the rest to use for my skin cleansing.

To Use As A Cleanser: Use a teaspoon of raw honey and apply onto your face and gently rub with your fingertips the way you would a soapy face wash. You can leave it on for a few minutes or just rinse off with warm water. Your skin should feel soft and hydrated. If you are wearing makeup use argan or coconut oil on a cotton pad to remove eye makeup before cleansing with honey as it will not wash off dark pigments so well. 

For Acne Prone Skin: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of true cinnamon powder, 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice with a teaspoon of raw honey and cleanse skin. 

For Inflamed Skin: Mix 1/2 turmeric powder with two drops barbary fig seed oil and a teaspoon of raw honey and cleanse skin.  

If you are suffering from chronic dry skin needing repair our Bio Active Healing Mask with manuka honey is wonderful to use once or twice a week. Oily and acne skin types may benefit from our Bio Active Purifying Mask. Both face masks contain manuka honey for the most beneficial skin clearing and cleansing benefits. There are so many wonderful DIY recipes online to try and make your own raw honey face cleansers, but my favorite is just plain raw honey for soft and glowing skin. I'm ever so grateful for nature's little miracle, the honeybees.

Fresh Barbary Figs, Lemon Juice, and Manuka Honey