The Amazing Benefits Of Sacha Inchi Oil



Sacha inchi seeds freshly picked, in a pod-like shape

It seems as though there is a new "superfood" coming out of the woodwork every day and at La Bella Figura we couldn't be happier about that! You're not going to hear us complain about how boring it is to read, hear, or try the latest new health food. As matter of fact, it's quite the opposite. We're going to do our research, try, and test nature's latest discovery as soon as we can. The funny thing is that while new to us, many of these incredible sources of mystery foods have been around for ages and in the diets of the native people from where many superfruits emanate from. In my opinion if they were good enough for the Inca Kings, then they are certainly good enough for us! Which is why when we heard about sacha inchi seeds and the beautiful, rich oil that is cold pressed from them we had to try it. 

Our research led us to discover that thus far there is no evidence of any plant source containing more omega 3 than sacha inchi seeds! As a matter of fact, sacha inchi oil supercedes in omegas 3 and 6 (48% omega 3 and 36% omega 6) content than your regular daily dose of fish oil softgels. The oil is light with a slightly nutty flavor and a fresh rainforest scent that is perfect for drizzling over salads, fish, rice, and a perfect companion to quinoa inspired dishes. Sacha inchi seeds grow in the highlands of the Peruvian rainforests and are sustainable as the plants have a long production time and often produce year after year for many years and even decades. 

We are pretty excited about the health benefits of this product and the high tryptophan levels also help alleviate depression and reduce inflammation in the body.  The seeds can be roasted to be eaten as a snack or as I recently found at my local Whole Foods covered in dark chocolate for a nutritious and tasty sweet treat. Heck, I'd even call it a beauty food with those benefits. But what is truly exciting for us is the benefit you will receive as a cosmetic product. We have incorporated this rare and unique oil in our beautiful and emollient Rainforest Hydration Treatment to the rave reviews of many and are about to highlight sacha inchi oil again in our latest product, Daily Elements Defense Face Oil launching in March. 

We chose sacha inchi oil not only for its high omega activity, but also because it contains high doses of vitamins A and E and skin soothing amino acids making it a powerful all natural antioxidant boosting ingredient. Please stay tuned as we share more of the incredible benefits this superfood will play in our skincare line and when we will be bringing it to you and to our fine retailers.

If you're interested in trying the oil in your daily diet we highly recommend buying it from Sacha Vida, a California producer with high quality oil. We can't wait for this superfood to become a key source of your diet and cosmetic regimen. 

Light, nutritive, and omega rich sacha inchi oil


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  • I have a skin problem of extremely dry skin. Can this help and is there a cream I can rub on my skin. Please leave me a message with a phone number where I can cal you. Thank you Shirley

    Shirley Walton on
  • Dua’s pleasure. I was in my country. I have bean star Incas.

    sang on

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