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Antioxidant Protection And Free Radical Fighter-Daily Elements Defense Face Oil

Written by Victoria Fantauzzi


Posted on March 25 2013


It is so exciting for us to launch a new product. Like any proud Mama, a new product reflects who we are as a company and where we plan to to go. So it is with much excitement that we introduce Daily Elements Defense Face Oil-An antioxidant protection and free radical fighter.

The ingredients in this new product are lush, exotic, and carefully chosen to create a powerful formula to boost your antioxidant intake for your skin. Think of it as special skin vitamins that are going to help block UV damage, fight and neutralize free radicals (with a great sunscreen of course) while adding plenty of nourishing vitamins, minerals, and extremely high quantities of essential fatty acids. One of the main ingredients in DED is sacha inchi oil, a light oil and an omega 3 and 6 super source. Besides the ridiculous amounts of omegas, sacha inchi oil is full of Vitamins A and E making this ingredient a supernova in this product. We also decided to use rosehip seed oil CO2 and pomegranate oil CO2 extract. These two oils are known for their high Vitamin A content and we love that because Vitamin A plays a critical role in the manufacturing and repair of cell membranes, enabling cells to obtain optimum nutrition and repair itself. We all want cell renewal to take place so that new skin is strengthened and appears youthful and healthier. What is really exciting about our rosehip and pomegranate oils is that we use a method of extraction known as CO2 (or supercritical fluid extraction) that is not only environmentally gentler with the use of carbon dioxide as a high pressure solvent, but this method also has the ability to extract a purer oil with more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients because carbon dioxide doesn't leave behind any trace of solvents. We noticed our pomegranate oil extract is more viscous than non CO2 pomegranate oil. Pretty luscious for us as formulators and amazing for cosmetic use, heck I'd even say essential!

Other fantastic ingredients are organic jojoba, squalene rich camellia, Vitamin C loaded guava, evening primrose, and pitanga leaf extract which helps prevents bacteria from infecting your pores and blemishes from flourishing. For cell rejuvenation and strengthening we include the gentle powers of the rose, jasmine, palmarosa, and Australian sandalwood. Calendula also makes an appearance to soothe sun damage and relieve inflammation. 


We are so excited about this product as we made every effort to research the transformation our skin undergoes as the weather warms up and we all find ourselves exposed to the damaging elements of the sun, wind, air conditioning, and pollution. Many of of you may have read about my trip to Peru last year, where we source of incredible sacha oil from, but one thing I was able to do was test our DED as I traveled from harsh winter, to the rainy season of the rainforest, dry mountian air of Machu Picchu, and the full blown summer weather in Miraflores. I remember calling Karen to tell her that the product stood the test of the seasons and my skin never suffered sunburn or wind damage! 

We hope you're just as excited to use DED and watch your skin immediately radiate health and beauty while adding antioxidant power to your skincare. Use it everyday on bare skin or add a few drops to boost your foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer if you use one. I carry this with me and reapply as often as I like (which is a lot because it not only feels so good and smells beautiful, but it offers such a rapid hydration to your skin) because I'm always on the go and I like hitting outdoor cafes during the Summer and be outside as much as possible. It's good to know that I'm also taking care of my skin while loving my outdoor nature. How are you going to use Daily Elements Defense Face Oil this season? Don't wait to have your best skin! You'll never regret always looking your best. 




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