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After I posted a blog about getting the most benefits for your skin while you sleep, we received so many emails and comments about posting an update about my morning routine that I was flattered to do so. Also, I'm so happy to have more readers than I knew reading our blog posts and it's actually made me write and post a little more often, so thank you beauties for reading and sharing. 

While I would love to keep things super simple in the mornings I find that incorporating some of these steps and routines keeps my skin looking its best and healthiest, sometimes it's fast and easy and other times...not so fast. I hope you enjoy my routine this Spring and know that I always tend to change things up in consideration of testing new formulas, travel, and even weather, but this is what I'm currently implementing in my morning routine, give or take a little.

As soon as I wake up I give my skin a hydrating soak. I tend to skip "washing" my face in the am if I properly cleansed the evening before with my manuka honey cleanser. I use an organic cotton pad and dab 5-6 drops of my own special hydrating and mineral formula and lightly swipe over my skin and allow to dry. Lately, I have been diligent about applying a light Vitamin C complexion brightening gel all over my face (as we're testing a new formula for our line) and because of the incredible ingredients in this gel it tends to be more absorbing and moisturizing than other tacky gels, so it blends into my skin nice and smooth with plenty of hydrating creaminess. I allow the Vitamin C gel to absorb for about 15 minutes before I dispense 3 drops of Daily Elements Defense Face Oil and apply right over my first antioxidant treatment. (Psst, I also moisturize my neck and decollete area.)

I like to spray pure rose damascena flower water into my hair to damp slightly and then add a few drops of Bohemia Verde Aromatic Hair Elixir and rub into my ends, comb and wrap my hair into a bun. I brush my teeth and go make a cup of coffee to enjoy with my NYT or Twitter reading. (BTW, If I could kick the caffeine addiction I have I would, but it's pointless I've tried dozens of times.)

After my two cups of coffee, (one with raw sugar and one without) I drink water with lemon or some fresh almond or cashew milk. In the warm months when fresh fruit is plentiful I eat a bowl of fruit and a little yogurt. I love The Dreaming Cow or Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt, both are the freshest and most full flavored yogurts with plenty of probiotics. I then jump into a shower. I do not get my face wet unless it's a hair washing day and then I tend to apply my facial care steps after the shower. I love a good sea salt scrub in the shower like the fresh Exfoliating Shower Whip in Amazonia or the Everyday Shea-Shea Butter Baby Wash I find at Whole Foods. (Bath times are definitely more luxurious and I save those for a leisurely Sunday night.) These are my shower pick me ups as well as the Ila Body Wash For Toning Skin. I dry off and use a body oil to moisturize. I let my hair loose and on some days I use a large curling iron to create softness to my mostly curly hair. I then apply two drops of pure barbary fig seed oil on my face as a primer before my makeup, which is an easy and quick routine (I'll save the details for another post), get dressed and apply my perfume of the day, rinse my mouth with a coconut vinegar mouthwash and off I go! I will admit that I tend to carry my Daily Elements Defense Face Oil with me lately as I like to apply it throughout the day and I mix it in my sunscreen to lighten it up. I use both Raw Elements USA Face Balm and their lotion. It makes me feel as though I'm taking care of my skin and I like using it on my hands also. Simple, right? 

This routine will definitely change during the summer, but for now this works for me and I face the day with clear and happy skin.

Many thanks and a happy Spring to you!


Please feel free to share your thoughts or routines with us. We love to know how you use La Bella Figura on a daily basis. 


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  • Wow, I never thought of using honey for my face! I am trying this tonight. Also the rosewater for my hair too. Thank you Victoria for sharing your tips. I love reading this blog and found it from No more dirty looks.

    Anna on
  • Thank you for sharing!! I love reading morning skincare routines, especially when it comes to oils and special treats to the skin.

    One hydrosol that I love and have always been using is helichrysum.

    I haven’t tried any of your skin oils, but definitely am keen on purchasing one.

    Che on
  • Comments? Now, please, your makeup routine. . . Grazie!

    elizabetta on
  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for reading and enjoying our blog. The “toner” I’m currently using is one we are working for La Bella Figura and not available yet, but you can use pure rose floral water or a gentle chamomile floral water as a toner. I even love apple cider vinegar mixed with distilled water to use on my face. It is lovely to rebalance PH levels for your skin.

    I will post about my favorite makeup products soon and I’ll make sure to include colors and brands.



    Victoria on
  • I enjoyed reading about this routine. One question, where do you get the hydrating face toner that you use? I think I would like to try this step in my morning skin care also. I’d love to hear about the makeup you use too! Thank you and I love this blog. xo Lisa

    Lisa on

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