How To Incorporate Our New Cremas Into Your Skincare Routine

After two years in the making our cremas have finally arrived! It took us a while to create these truly unique sumptuous blends for a few reasons, but mostly because we wanted our formulations to be more than your average cream that simply hydrates your skin. We wanted to create the most potent supercharged formulas available on the market and indeed we did. As we researched our ingredient lineup one thing was clear, our daytime and nighttime skincare routines needed a graduation and a step up above the mostly water-based moisturizers with processed oils and hydrogenated extracts. Our creams are active with plant derived antioxidants, butters, oils, extracts and skin enhancing hydrosols and soothing aloe vera juice, which also contains a myriad of polysaccharides beneficial to every complexion. Trust us, we thought about these creams very carefully. Not a drop of water was added as we focused on the purest and best of ingredients for your skin.

Our two new creams, Crema Supernova (don’t you just love the names?) and Crema Virtuosa are powerhouses with purpose to enhance your skincare game. What’s the point otherwise? You won’t find hydrolyzed or hydrogenated ingredients, maltodextrin, palm oils or super processed isolates in our creams. You will, however find rich raw cupuacu butter, sacha inch oil, andiroba, kakadu plum extract and sangre de drago from the finest sources high up on the list because we remain vigilant in our belief to create truly effective high-end products that don’t skimp on quality, top notch ingredients or wholesomeness.

We’re sharing our step-by-step and most effective way to incorporate these new hydrating creams into your daily skin care. If you haven't tried these delivery methods before we’re excited for you because we know you're going to fall in love with this simple approach to boosting your radiance and skin health. These cremas are going to make you fall in love with your skin all over again! 

Morning Care:

Step 1-Cleanse with Gentle Enzyme Cleanser. Make sure to use on dry skin to exfoliate the skin with enzyme extracts using circular motions to get your blood circulating and slough off skin buildup, rinse off with warm water.

Step 2-Apply 3-4 pumps of Modern Radiance Concentrate and allow 1-2 minutes for the gel cream to dry. You want to protect your skin from free radicals in the am as well as encourage new healthy formation of collagen.

Step 3-Apply 3-4 pumps of Crema Supernova, gently massaging into skin. Not only will our cream hydrate your skin with luscious cupuacu butter, sacha inchi oil and hyaluronic acid, but it will supercharge your complexion with the inclusion of kakadu plum extract, licorice root and wasabi extracts for that gorgeous glow we all crave.

Step 4-A few drops of our beloved Barbary Fig Seed Oil or Daily Elements Defense adds omega, linoleic and linolenic acids to ramp up repair and strengthen tissue. You want to add this step after your serum and moisturizer to lock in all those nutrient dense ingredients and protect your skin barrier.

Step 5-Spritz our Jardin de Fleurs Revitalizing Mist all over for your grand finale and last step to deliver all those antioxiants deep into the layers and truly hydrate your skin.

Results-Refreshed, ready-to-face-the-day skin that is smooth, soft and super boosted with skin enhancing all natural ingredients.

Night Care:

Step 1-Cleanse your skin (See above and complete the same process with our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser).

Step 2-Once or twice a week add a face mask to your lineup. For dry skin we recommend our Healing Manuka Mask for oily or acne prone skin, Purifying Manuka Mask. These masks do not skimp on the manuka honey as its the first ingredient in both of these. Allow for a 20-30 minute treatment, rinse off with warm water.

Step 3-Apply 3-4 pumps of Crema Virtuosa gently massaging into skin. This crema is more dense and richer in texture than Crema Supernova and melts into the skin.

Step 4-Apply 3-4 drops of Aria Cell Recovery Treatment for dull, lackluster skin or Barbary Fig Renewal Serum for congested, acne-prone or damaged skin types. Remember that face oils are layered on last when using serums and moisturizers. If you don't use serums or moisturizers then make sure you always include a facial mist to create a micro moisturizing effect that impacts the way all of these nourishing ingredients are delivered and activated.

Step 5-Mist skin with Jardin de Fleurs or if acne prone try our Elysian Fields with sandalwood, neroli blossom and cardamom to combat bacteria and congestion while balancing your skin. 

Results-Our use of sangre de drago extract targets oxidation protecting the degradation of DNA from free radicals while time releasing proanthocyanidin exhibiting therapeutic and antiviral benefits while you sleep.

I thoroughly enjoy participating in my morning and nighttime rituals. I find this time I have to myself a great way to relax and it makes me feel good. Sometimes I hear from women that say they hate taking off their makeup or masking because it takes too long. Your skin care doesn’t need to be a lengthy process or a chore. These steps take mere minutes and the results are extrordinary. Think of it this way, long-term care equals long-term benefits the same way it does when you exercise, eat whole foods and invest in your wellness. The payoff when using quality products will show up in your skin health and the slowing of wrinkles and the aging process. At the end of the day we all covet youthful, healthy and glorious skin and with proper treatment your complexion can look its most beautiful whatever age you are. Who doesn’t want that?


La Bella Figura


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