Boost Your Skin's Complexion With Vitamin C

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A bowl of lemons in your kitchen is a little work of art brought to you from the earth. Slicing into a lemon is instantly gratifying as its juice smells of warmth and sunshine and yellow is the color of joy. Nothing makes me happier in the summer than the bounty of lemons everywhere. I have been known to purchase large bags of Meyer lemons whose sweet fruity juice yields an even more luscious flavor than the more common Eureka lemons we find in most supermarkets. The Vitamin C found in lemons is the purest form of Vitamin C and includes bioflavonoids which many scientists and naturalists believe to be much more effective than synthetic Vitamin C also known as abscorbic acid. Abscorbic acid is found in almost all supplements and skincare products, but because it is a laboratory produced isolate (often made with GMO corn from China) its healing abilities don't compare to the natural Vitamin C compounds found in whole foods.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and vital in fighting free radical damage. Its amazing ability to promote the production of collagen has been well known for years and it's also been noted that Vitamin C reverses DNA damage from UV rays and ultimately repairs skin tissue. It also helps to keep the body alkaline and reduces inflammation. Inflammation in the body is often the start of many diseases and health problems. Large amounts of Vitamin C has helped many people suffering from auto immune disorders and has even helped reverse flare ups in lupus patients. How is that for an amazing antioxidant?! 

We use the natural and complete Vitamin C found in guava and pineapples in our Barbary Fig Renewal Serum to help repair environmental damage and restore skin health. It is also one of our most popular products and extremely effective in anti-aging. Using topical treatments with Vitamin C is not only crucial for beautiful and healthy skin, but taking Vitamin C for healing from within will also improve your skin's vitality. (When you do find a topical product with Vitamin C make sure it also contains Vitamin E as alone in topical products Vitamin C is unstable and oxidizes making it almost pointless to use without its best buddy Vitamin E). 

I'm going to share a very simple recipe that you've most likely heard or read about that will boost your natural Vitamin C intake by at least 21 mg daily and although that may not seem like a lot including Vitamin C rich foods like strawberries, kiwi, guava, pineapple, oranges, broccoli, mustard greens, parsley, kale, and so much more in your diet is going to make you glow! So get on board and boost your natural Vitamin C power for clear, gorgeous skin.




Juice half of a lemon into a cup of warm, not hot water and drink every morning. You can add fresh grated ginger and a little raw honey too. 

Beauty Tip: Use the squeezed out half a lemon and rub it over clean skin allow to dry before using our face serums or oils.


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1 Comment

  • Definetely going to be incorporating the warm water with lemon as part of my morning ritual.
    Thanks for sharing valuable tips. :)

    Che on

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