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"It's getting close to my wedding day and my skin is a wreck! Help!" We have heard the call of the bride before, often at the last minute in an attempt to get the clear, glowing skin all brides dream of on their big day. Of course we're here to help and just like any part of your wedding that you have planned, health, wellness, and skin requires careful attention. We have a step by step guide to look back on your wedding day with dreaminess and not anger from the big red blemish that made an appearance and ruined your photos. In that case, photoshop can also help.

Two Months Before Your Wedding

You've been exercising, going to those early morning yoga classes, eating well, meditating, and spending some quality time with yourself, right? If you haven't done any of these things it is a guarantee that the stress of a busy life and planning a wedding party will show up right on your face. Sign yourself up for yoga or an art class, anything you can look forward to on a weekly basis to relieve your mind from stress. Stress, as you may have heard is often the source of acne flareups and inflammation in the body. I remember a time when I was a student, traveling for a long distance relationship, and dealing with family issues when a crop (and I mean a CROP) of little whiteheads appeared all over my neck. I pretty much freaked out because I had never had a problem with acne before and ran to my dermatologist crying, luckily for me she asked the right questions. She was able to tell me that my body was in panic mode from chronic stress and I had "unbalanced" my hormones. You can bet I began my deep breathing classes and swimming helped me to stabilize my hormones and go back to wearing t-shirts and tanks instead of turtlenecks in the middle of summer. So again, sign up for that class and relax.

Six Weeks Before Your Wedding

If you haven't made the switch to natural and organic products now is the time. All of those harsh chemicals in your moisturizers, creams, lotions, acne treatments, exfoliators, and masks are doing NOTHING to heal your skin! As a matter of fact, quite likely they do the opposite. Find high quality and concentrated products derived from natural sources and target your skin issues. Then stick with it. Consistency is key for clear skin. We get off track with our desperate attempts to clear our skin and often don't allow a product enough time to get to the root of the problem. We often recommend using our Bio Active Healing Mask and pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil for those with mild to medium cases of acne. Using our mask two to three times a week and pure barbary fig seed oil daily can really help stabilize sebum production and calm skin. For more severe acne or chronic flareups our Bio Active Purifying Mask is better suited. With healing clays, vitamins, minerals, and active enzymes this mask can help kill bacteria buildup and lessens acne. This mask also works beautifully with pure barbary fig seed oil. 

Cleansing with manuka honey provides your skin with the vitamin, nutrients and minerals your skin needs for good health. If you're not into cleansing with honey find a gentle face cleanser without harsh chemicals that will not strip your skin of precious oils. Stripping your skin of oils leads to sebum production going into full gear to compensate for the loss from stripping and causing even -oilier skin. If your skin is super oily, especially mid-day try toning with an equal mix of apple cider vinegar, distilled water, and fresh coconut water. Then apply barbary fig seed oil on clean skin. What? Oil to help with oily skin? That's right, we're trying to balance your skin with ingredients high in nutrients so your skin's health detector understands it doesn't need to produce more oil and for that you will need to fight oil with oil. Plant based oils don't congest your skin like petroleum based oils do and often are similar in molecular structure to your own natural oil.  This means deeper penetration and better performance for obvious results.

Start taking your antioxidants. Free radical damage can break down tissue and cause your skin to look sallow, dry, wrinkled, and aged. Your skin needs its nutrients just as much as it needs hydration to look its best so if you aren't using a quality product with loads of concentrated antioxidants now is the time to incorporate this into your daily regimen. A few drops of our Daily Elements Defense Face Oil can be used alone or added to boost your moisturizer, sunscreen or foundation. I personally add this product to everything because I love the idea of boosting any product with extra protection. If I'm lucky enough to be siting at an outdoor cafe I will apply DED right over my makeup, on my hands and neck to provide even more antioxidants to my skin. Did I tell you I'm a skin health fanatic? You cannot go wrong by being extra loving to your skin.

Four Weeks Before Your Wedding

Start juicing. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables and make your own juice on a daily basis. Just one juice a day can really improve your complexion and we promise, incorporating fresh juices, yoga (or whatever your preferred form of exercise may be), simplifying your skincare regimen, will calm your skin and get you glowing. If you don't have time to make your own juice daily (who really does) buy them and keep them in your fridge at home or work and start or end your day with fresh pressed juices. I am crazy for the juices from Pressed Juicery in Los Angeles and I used to have them delivered to my hotel room, but now you can find a Pressed all over LA and I pick them up right next to my hotel first thing in the morning. Their almond milk is to die for! Never had better from all the brands out there and they will ship it to you in the US.


Three Weeks Before Your Wedding

Sex, sex, SEX! Have lots of beautiful, wild, loving sex with your partner. Of course you should be having good sex prior to this date, but bonding, being intimate, and releasing those good endorphins will make your skin look as sweet as a peach.

Two Weeks Before Your Wedding

Become more vegetarian. Cut out processed meats (tsk, tsk, you should have already) eating deli meats in your sandwiches, hot dogs (please don't make me rant about how horrible hot dogs are for your skin), and all nitrate heavy meats. Eat fresh fish, wild caught shrimp, and plenty of veggies. If you're a carb loader like I tend to be, chill out on all the pasta, white bread, and potatoes. Grill zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms and splash with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Eat plenty of greens and lycopene rich foods like tomatoes, watermelon, guavas. When I want a lycopene boost I do shots of fresh pressed watermelon juice and guava juice. 

One Week Before Your Wedding

If your wedding is on Saturday do a facial steam on Monday, face mask on Tuesday, and cleanse daily with raw honey. This will help detox, purify, and exfoliate. The enzymes in raw honey act as a natural exfoliant. If you need to exfoliate with something other than honey do this on Wednesday as sometimes over exfoliation can cause capillary damage and micro abrasions on the skin. I really prefer a more gentle approach when I exfoliate and sometimes I mix honey with white willow bark powder, cinnamon, and finely crushed cardamom pods. 

This is also a good time to not skip your daily eye treatments with our rockstar product, Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum. Use this evey night before bed and give yourself time in the am to use Decouverte. You will be exhausted at this point at no doubt will show up in your eyes if you don't treat them. 

The Day Before Your Wedding

Find the best spa in town and get the royal treatment, a massage, manicure/pedicure, and a little aromatherapy are wonderful to reduce tension and nervousness. Do Not set yourself up for failure by getting a facial before your wedding day. Any facialist will tell you the day before your wedding is not a good idea to do this because sometimes a good facial will help detox your skin and often when you detox it will cause your skin to look worse before it looks better. If you insist on a facial do this two weeks to ten days before your wedding day just to be safe.

Surround yourself with beauty. Flowers, gorgeous candles, your favorite perfume, beautiful music. Pamper yourself, soothe yourself, take care of yourself because tomorrow will be a busy day and you will be on as the host of your own wedding party. 


Day Of Your Wedding

Start your early morning with an antioxidant boosting juice, eat a high protein breakfast. An egg white omelet with veggies and goat cheese will keep you full and energized.

Soak in a luxurious bath.

Open the door to your excited bridesmaids, maid of honor, Mom, Aunt, Sisters, your entire support group and allow them to help you look like the blushing bride of your dreams. Happy wedding day beauty! 


La Bella Figura is a supporter of Marriage Equality and proudly supports the HRC to legalize same sex marriage. The more marriages of brides and grooms in all shapes, sizes, colors and same-sexes the more beautiful of a world we live in. Love is love.


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  • Hi Janet,

    So glad this post is meaningful to you and that you’re enjoying the many benefits of barbary fig seed oil. There are many great cleansers on the natural market. My only advice is to find one that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. A cream cleanser is great for sensitive skin, but if you need the “lather” action find one with coconut or olive oil as a main ingredient. Congratulations on your big day!


    La Bella Figura

    Victoria on
  • Thank you for writing this it came at the right time. I’m getting married at the end of June and a friend gave me a bottle of your barbary fig seed oil as a gift in March. I was a little worried to try it, but she promised it would help and it has I never used an oil as moisturizer before. I’m going to follow all this advice, but would like to know what other cleanser you recommend if I don’t try the honey method?

    Janet on
  • Hi Laurie,

    Congratulations on being a soon to be bride! Glad you enjoyed the post and let us know if you have any questions about any of our products.


    La Bella Figura

    Victoria on
  • This is hands down the coolest bridal tips I’ve ever read. I’m asking my soon to be mother in law for some of your products as a gift. She’s been wanting to take me to a spa, but I always worry about the products they use and getting picked at and would rather do this at home. I really want to try the barbary fig oil and healing mask. Thank you for your blog posting.

    Laurie on

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