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A Pregnant Marion Cotillard aka The Goddess

This post is a long time coming and I'm surprised at myself for not having written it ages ago. Especially because there is not a week that passes by when we aren't responding to a pregnant woman's curiosity about our skincare products and her overall beauty health. It seems a great deal of women are willing to risk the health hazards of some toxic beauty products, but not while pregnant.  Suddenly there is a surge of consciousness and acute awareness that the little one you have been dreaming about needs to be protected even at the expense of our own beauty regimen. First, we are happy that you are making that choice and certainly it can't be an easy one, however don't despair we aren't going to leave you in the dark with frizzy hair and hormonal skin. Women especially want to look good when they are pregnant and there is no reason you have to give up your lipstick for the sake of your baby. There are some things you may even give up like weekly pedicures, coloring your hair, waxing, going to the sauna or steam rooms, but a quality moisturizer and a brilliant hair product can still be part of your beauty routine as long as it's natural. We're going to share our most common questions from Moms-to-be and our responses. Keep your hat on because some of our suggestions are going to make non pregnant women want to rush out and purchase some of our suggestions. Yes, they're that good! 

Question 1: "My doctor told me to read the labels of my skin creams and look out for bad words like parabens, fragrance, formaldehyde, mercury. This seems to be rampant in all my products, what should I do?"

Answer: It does seem daunting to worry about reading all of your labels and understanding what these ingredients do. Next time you go back to your doctor let him know he can suggest this simple App to his next patient. The O&N Collective FREE iTunes App will keep you well and toxic free at home, work, and will even help you decipher those dirty words. Did we mention it's free?! A perfect app for on the go people in need of a little healthy guidance. Visit their website for the best in clean and green beauty products too. 

Question 2: "My skin has gone beserk and it's now really oily? Can I still use a face oil or will it make it worse?"

Answer:  Yes, you may certainly continue using your face oil. Most likely your oily skin is due to hormonal causes and sometimes in your first trimester your skin is especially poorly behaved. Don't give up on your face oil! Use gentle rosewater or raw coconut water as a toner in the morning and at night prior to your face oil. We recommend using a high performing and pure grade oil like our Barbary Fig Seed Oil. Tons of Vitamin E, zinc, and essential fatty acids will bring balance and harmony to oily skin. 


Question 3: "I heard there is a ton of lead in lipstick and it's the one beauty thing I can't give up, any advice on alternatives?"

Answer: There is no reason to give up your lipstick love, just go green! Have you seen the gorgeous colors by Kjaer Weis, Ilia Beauty, or Revolution Organics that are on the market? Even non-green makeup divas are using these brands because they're lovely. Wear your red lipstick with pride! 

Question 4: "I'm considering switching to all natural perfumes. Are your perfumes safe for me to use?"

Answer: Other than essential oils, naturally sourced materials, like seeds, leaves, twigs. or natural elements our perfumes are free from toxic chemicals, preservatives. or harmful ingredients. You can purchase a sample swatch from us to test prior to your actual purchase or ask for a sample with purchase of any LBF product. You want to rule out allergies and of course fit your perfume personality before making the commitment." 

These are the most common concerns we hear from pregnant women, but there are many, many more which we will spare you from. (Some are just too graphic for print.) Are there any questions or concerns you have now that you're pregnant? Are you noticing skin changes? We love hearing from you so fill us in if you need a tip or two. Happy Mother's Day to all of our hard working, creative, and smart Mamas. For the Moms soon to be, all the aches pains and skin issues will all pay off when your sweet little babe smiles your way for the first time!

If you guessed we're obsessed with the beauty and charm of Marion Cotillard, you guessed correctly! Viva la Marion!


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