Deep Cleansing With Bamboo Cloths And Rainforest Hydration Treatment



We are always being asked when we will introduce a cleanser to our skincare line. We're working on it is what we usually say and trust us beauties, we work hard on our formulations so our cleanser is going to be nothing short of exceptional and innovative. Currently, I like using honey as a cleanser and lately I've been using Rainforest Hydration Treatment to deep clean once a week. It's so easy to do and really lifts dirt, debris and makeup off quite well without stripping your skin of precious oils. Right now it's chilly in Australia and South America and our customers in those locations are asking for the best way to keep skin moisturized and are wanting us to create a cleanser. Here's two for one for you lovelies! The great thing about Rainforest Hydration Treatment is that is transforms from a creamy balm and melts into your skin and is literally swallowed up to penetrate and immediately moisturize even the most dehydrated skin. This is how I use RHT as a deep cleanser. You must try this for super soft and well treated skin.

Use a soft cleansing cloth (We will have 100% organic bamboo/cotton two sided cleansing cloths on our shop very soon) and place in a clean bowl. Add hot water and allow to cool enough to handle. Drain water out of the bowl and wring water from bamboo cloth and cover over your face to "steam" skin and detox. Be careful and use good sense, too hot will burn you! When skin begins to perspire apply a quarter sized amount to a corner of the cloth (if using our bamboo/cotton cloths using the terry cloth side is best here) and begin to massage in to skin in circular motion, add a bit more of the RHT if needed. When you have loosened unwanted grime from your skin rinse your cleansing cloth under warm water, drain and again apply right over your face using the soft bamboo side to wipe off any remaining product. Your skin will feel like you've just been to a facialist and it was all so quick and easy!

Last summer was such a killer with hot and humid temperatures in the Midwest that I needed to do this a few times a week along with good facial steams. I added a bit of fine Spanish sea salt (any fine salt would do, I just happen to have about 20 pounds of Spanish Costa Blanco sea salt in my home for some mysterious reason) to my RHT to treat congested and irritated skin. Works great for acne prone and oily types too. So now you have a new innovative and effective way to use our superfuit based Rainforest Hydration Treatment. 

* Be aware that most that try this product become true fanatics. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

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