Treating Broken Capillaries And Redness Naturally


Broken capillaries and severe redness on the face are conditions we hear a lot about from our customers and if you suffer from this it can be very embarrassing and a confidence killer. Some people can blame genetics for this condition and others age or poor circulation. We know that people that suffer from rosacea tend to suffer broken capillaries around the nose and eyes even worse if they don't get a handle on the condition. Dermatologists have varying treatments for rosacea and often times they include a steroid topical cream to reduce inflammation. Long term use of these steroid creams can cause other problems as the steroids make their way into the bloodstream quickly as well as contribute to the thinning of tissue at a faster rate. They are best used for short term use and for super inflamed skin. Recently, there has been some correlation with certain foods triggering rosacea sufferers, such as sour cream, yeasty breads, soy sauce, spinach, avocados and foods high in histamines. Rosacea can also be triggered by the sun and warm temperatures and we certainly hear about it from our customers during summer more often. You don't have to suffer in shame or feel there is no treatment other than harsh steroids. Treating broken capillaries and redness can be done naturally, but it requires time, patience and commitment and the results are worth it when you reveal radiance and good health.

One of the treatments to healing broken capillaries is increasing circulation to the cells and strengthening thinning tissue. This can be done with face oils or potent Vitamin C serums, moisturizers or creams. If you aren't allergic to honey it is one of the best and less expensive remedies to calm inflammation and increase circulation and bring oxygen to starved cells. We have written a lot about honey on this blog and by now you probably know we are huge lovers of raw manuka honey. This type of honey contains a tremendous amount of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide will definitely get the blood flow circulating for your skin. Daily cleansing with honey is going to help with redness. I have experienced it with my own skin and it creates an immediate radiant effect. Combined with our antioxidant powered Daily Elements Defense or Vitamin E rich Barbary Fig Seed Oil it is a winning combination. Raw Buckwheat honey is another good option as it is also full of natural Vitamin C and as we learned last week on this blog, Vitamin C is an antioxidant like no other with the ability to tackle oxidative damage like linebackers. (In case you aren't familiar with football terminology that's a good thing!) Complete Vitamin C also contains antihistamine to reduce inflammation and that will help with preventing future broken little red marks around the nose and thinning areas around the face.

It is very helpful to keep a food diary if you suffer from these conditions to keep track of what foods seem to exacerbate your inflammation. Using natural products will definitely help as harsh ingredients are just going to make your problems worsen and will lead to further capillary damage as your skin becomes more stressed. Rosehip oil has helped rosacea suffers as well and we would like to introduce you to sacha inchi oil as a topical treatment as well since it's been noted that omegas help heal inflammation and sacha inchi oil is high in both omega 3 (48%) and omega 6 (36%) as well as high in antioxidants A and E, a real winner for inflamed skin types. Try it raw and unprocessed over salads or in your smoothies or fresh pressed juices.

UV damage is a big problem as it breaks down the cell walls in the skin and over time causing tissue to weaken and become thinner and prone to more broken capillaries. You definitely need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a high quality natural sunscreen. One of the reasons we're such a fans of the sunscreen made by Raw Elements USA is the incredible ingredient list. Mango butter, beeswax, sunflower oil and free radical busting green tea are just a few of the exceptional ingredients used in this effective and skin nourishing sunscreen. These ingredients are kind and supportive to the skin and provide anti pre-mature aging with the inclusion of zinc oxide.  LBF is not affiliated in Raw Elements USA. We're just huge fans! Don't go out without a sunscreen if this condition pertains to you! It's like not wearing a seat belt and then wondering how you got hurt in a car accident. Just don't do it!  


Here are a few natural remedies you can incorporate into your daily routine:

Honey cleansing-For amazing results try manuka honey with a UMF of 15+ or higher or Raw Buckwheat honey. Rub into skin using circular motions to "oxygenate" your skin with the rich enzymes and hydrogen peroxide in the honey before rinsing. You may also use as a face mask and keep it on while you read for thirty minutes or so. Our Bio Active Healing Mask also works wonders to heal inflammation and increase circulation with active Vitamin C from aronia berry and rosehip seed oil. Extra great tip: eat up to two tablespoons a day for therapeutic healing for your gut!

Lemon Juice-Use organic lemons and apply the juice to a q-tip or cotton pad and onto clean skin around areas where the capillaries have broken. The Vitamin C will help reverse cell damage and promote collagen production to strengthen thinning tissue. You can also add a few drops of the juice to your moisturizer to increase its efficacy, but must do this with fresh juice daily. The antioxidant won't remain stable in your moisturizer bottle over time. If you use a face oil apply immediately following this lemon juice remedy.The citric acid in lemon juice will burn if you put too much on or apply after exfoliation. A little goes a long way.

Peppermint and Chamomile teas help from the inside out. You can also use the cooled chamomile tea water as a toner to calm redness.

Apple cider vinegar and mineral salt baths help affected areas of bumpy red skin and some find this combination to soothe the itchiness that often occurs with weather induced flare ups. 

Juicing-Drink fresh juices rich in vitamins, minerals and extra health benefits help increase circulation and cell rebuilding. Carrot, kale, mangos and especially chorophyll, which is extremely effective with improving oxygen supply and targeting free radicals, all are wonderful to clear your skin and heal you from the inside out. 

These natural treatments with diligent use can definitely help reduce redness and heal and prevent further broken capillary damage. It may take a bit longer, but it is well worth if for some who have tried every method from leading dermatologists to old wives tales. It can also keep you away from laser treatments and expensive trips to specialists. If you find that your redness or capillaries continue to increase and don't seem to heal you may want to contact a doctor or specialist as you can have other health issues such as lupus or fibromylagia which are often associated with "butterfly" patches on the skin or flushing waves of heat and require medical attention. Laser treatments also are effective to treat capillary damage and can boost your confidence as the results are immediate and long lasting.

Don't forget to treat your skin well this summer! Your outcome relies on how you to choose to invest in yourself and we believe that you are very worth it.