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Co-Founder Victoria's Two 'Must Have' LBF Products!

Written by Victoria Fantauzzi


Posted on July 11 2013



Co-founder of La Bella Figura, Victoria shares her two favorite LBF products and why she doesn't like to be without them! 

We are working on a series of new videos and behind the scenes from our lab. Let us know if there is something you have always wanted to know about La Bella Figura or the innovative beauty alchemists that makes this brand so special and unique. 



  • Hi Belinda,

    You can definitely use the same types of products you use on your face on your neck and you should! Sometimes we forget to take care of that part of our skin, but it is unnecessary to buy a completely new and separate “neck” cream.

    We’re delighted that you’re so excited about the new gel cream. Can’t wait for you to experience this type of innovative Vitamin C product made with complete Vitamin C from kakadu plums! Thank you!



    Posted by Victoria | July 18, 2013
  • Can’t wait for the Vitamin C gel cream in August!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by belinda | July 18, 2013
  • Victoria, I don’t think a separate neck cream is necessary, even tho I see articles for them! It’s just hype, yes?

    Posted by belinda | July 18, 2013
  • I love how you say La Bella Figura which is not how I was saying it at all! I agree that decoverte is one of your best products and my favorite too. I’m really enjoying the videos but would like to see you show me how to apply the oils and masks. Thank you.


    Posted by Lisa Thompson | July 11, 2013
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