La Bella Figura Presents: A Night For Green Beauty



 Artwork created for La Bella Figura by NYC based artist Alessandra Olanow


Maybe you’ve heard us mention once or twice (or a hundred times if you follow us on social media) about an upcoming event that will be the first collaboration of its kind kicking off New York Fashion Week this year. It even has a name and a hashtag to follow on Twitter, A Night For Green Beauty is what we decided to call our revolutionary concept because we feel the time for clean, non-toxic beauty products is now and we want to celebrate how far we’ve come and how it’s no longer just about the fear of parabens, chemicals or other scary stuff, but about quality, effectiveness and glamour back on your vanity table and in your handbags. The days of patchouli scented everything are gone and now we’re delving into luxurious face oils made with fair trade and organic fruit and vegetable oils, rich creams and efficacious face masks that bring radiance and health back to lackluster skin just as well or even better as the conventional products we’ve been using for ages. We now hear beauty editors oohing and ahhing over the newest organic Kjaer Weis mascara or the hydrating lip color pencils on everyone’s beauty list by Ilia. Beauty bloggers are adding organic skincare products to their wishlists and unveiling their much coveted bottles of face oils on their YouTube channels with as much enthusiasm as a kid opening up a gift on Christmas day. As one of our favorite natural loving makeup artists said, “The time has arrived for natural and organic beauty” and who can argue with an expert like Katey Denno who dabbles in all things beauty and has seen and tried it all!

La Bella Figura is still a young company with a handful of employees willing to work hard and who are truly committed to producing fantastic hand-crafted artisan products. What I love most about our team is that we came on board with hardly any expectations and no formal business schooling, certainly no rich investors throwing wads of cash at us and telling us “there’s more where that came from!”  We’ve been through every business adversity one could think of and learned plenty of newbie lessons. We’ve been snubbed, we’ve been ripped off and on one occasion we were majorly scammed (such a crazy and somewhat funny story now), but all those incidents have been rewarding in their own way. You can’t learn that in business school or from a book and just like in life these lessons enrich you and make you want to be better and strive towards goals to also do better. So when an opportunity arose like it did last year and we were approved to create an event for Fashion’s Night Out we thought, why not combine brands with the same innovative drive as us and do this together?! As a group, as a community, as a movement working to bring safe, effective and beautiful beauty products to those that crave it! Why not turned into a mission and LBF decided to reach out to all of our favorite natural brands and extend invitations to join us for a virtual Twitter party to share with all of our customers, fans and the mildly curious with what we do and why we do it! It was such a huge success and people were left wanting more and to learn more about clean, healthy products that made a difference to the planet, in our customers lives and to this emerging growing market of safe beauty. Because that giant Twitter party was so successful and all of the brands that participated were also excited, La Bella Figura came back this year with an even crazier idea…let’s make this party live! We wanted to open it to the public so they can come see for themselves who we all are and how much passion every brand owner has invested in what essentially is not just makeup or perfume or skincare, but lifestyle brands that seek beauty and wellness without compromise.We also wish be present and engaging in a way that makes beauty shopping more desirable and definitely much more fun and approachable. We all have our motivating stories and they're all good ones, but mostly what we have in common as beauty brands is a high standard of quality and passion that drive us to work hard and create gorgeous products. There is nothing like the soul of a real entrepreneur. You live and breathe what you produce and you don't stop. You get...better. This event is a reflection of that attitude we wish to share with our fans, customers and anyone that appreciates product to market transparency.

We are thrilled to have the James Corbett Studio in NYC provide his beautiful, elegant studio for this collaboration. James is a master hairstylist and colorist and over the years has been turning towards more non toxic alternatives himself even offering an array of green shampoos and conditioners and a beauty apothecary at his salon to guide his clients to cleaner options. Through his personal experiences James founded a non-profit he appropriately named Hair2Help, which offers free beauty and wellness services to those fighting cancer and their caregivers in need of what we all need sometimes, a place for respite and pampering to feel good and beautiful. His desire to help those with cancer is growing and with a heart made of gold James finds it hard to turn someone down even when his busy schedule doesn’t allow a minute more for anything else. James has a vision for Hair2Help and we hope to bring awareness to his cause and expand this incredible generous and healing program. It’s people like James that we love working with because we’re also “outside the box” kind of thinkers and these are the types to create real change and make a difference in the lives of others.

We’re also off our rockers excited to have found sponsors that believe wellness and health is not a fad, but the medicine we all need to lead good productive lives. We are smiling with joy to have The Chalkboard Magazine and California based Pressed Juicery as visionary sponsors for our event. 

And now for the fun details that are intoxicatingly fun…A Night For Green Beauty is the first all natural beauty pop up collaboration featuring the best in green beauty to kick off Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. We will have an organic beauty oasis with celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno on hand to provide a few of her magical touches and best makeup tips. Health and beauty expert Jolene Hart will share her knowledge on how to eat or in this case drink for beauty with delicious, fresh Pressed Juicery juices. The James Corbett team will have the most glamorous braid bar for stylish touch ups and quick how-to advice using sexy natural haircare products. And finally, if you read any fashion magazine you have certainly heard of facialist to the stars, Joanna Vargas who will be providing mini consults and her best advice for your most gorgeous skin. This party is going to be AMAZING and our colleagues and the brand owners will be available to answer your questions and guide you through the best of their products. If you happen to be in New York on September 4 please stop by and join us. Otherwise stay tuned on our social media, follow The Chalkboard Magazine or sign up at for up to the minute news about the event.

We are seriously excited to bring our vision to life and share the abundance of natural and non toxic products with so many. La Bella Figura is extra excited to introduce six NEW all natural products to our skincare and perfume line which will debut at A Night For Green Beauty with many of the participating brands also unveiling new launches so it will be the ultimate beauty party! Thank you to our customers, family and friends for cheering us on and being there every step of our dreams with us. It’s because of you that we have long ago succeeded in being forward thinking and conscientious entrepreneurs and now we want to share that love with the world! 

Stay tuned for even more fantastic announcements and details and we'll see you in New York so get ready to get your beautiful on with the real good stuff!

In wellness and always in beauty,

Victoria and Karen (and the LBF team)

La Bella Figura

Modern Radiance Concentrate-A Vitamin C Gel Cream


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  • Hi Rita,

    The event starts at 5pm and you don’t need to sign up. It’s free and open to the public. Hope to see you soon!



    Victoria on
  • Hi,

    What time does it start and do I need to sign up somewhere to attend?

    Hope to hear back soon…I’m dying to go!

    Rita on

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