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I had the pleasure recently of speaking to a beloved beauty editor who has truly tried it all. We were talking about our new creams, Crema Supernova and Crema Virtuosa and she was explaining how incredible her skin looked and felt since she introduced these products into her enviable routine. Of course I felt proud and excited to hear these praises as one does when someone you’ve admired for so long tells you their gorgeous skin is in large part due to your skincare line, but then she asked an interesting question and I was very intrigued by it because as I mentioned this knockout has seen and tried it all. She asked, “How exactly do you use a balm, heck, how exactly do you use a face oil?”

I guess I've taken for granted that most of our customers (and most of you beauty aficionados) know all the ways to best implement these precious products into your routine. I thought if an experienced beauty editor is asking then she may not be the only one so I’d like to share multi-purpose uses of some of our products and hopefully open your eyes to something new. Let’s start with our Rainforest Hydration Treatment, a restorative ultra-luxurious formula that nourishes dehydrated skin. Certainly you can use this creamy product as a moisturizer by warming up the balm into your hands and applying it directly onto cleansed skin, but you can also use it as a cleanser and as a moisturizing mask when you skin feels parched or winter damaged.

Rainforest Hydration Treatment as a moisture mask.

Cleanse the skin as usual. Apply a dime size amount to your skin in circular motion. The balm will melt into skin, but that’s okay. Place a large bowl into your skin and add hot water you’ve boiled into the bowl. Use a towel to drape over your head and making sure you’re not too close to the steam in the bowl place your face to allow the steam to absorb. Do this for 3-5 minutes then gently use a warm soft towel to polish the balm off of your skin. Once you’ve removed the balm your skin will feel incredibly soft and hydrated. Spray Jardin de Fleurs and apply a pea sized amount of Rainforest Hydration Treatment or your favorite face oil and moisturizer. Your skin will feel like you just went to the spa! Never fails.

Gentle Enzyme Cleanser as an exfoliator.

When your skin is looking and feeling flaky and lifeless try our Gentle Enzyme Cleanser as a mini exfoliating mask. Apply 3-4 pumps onto skin and allow our biological  enzyme blend (papain, bromelian) stimulate exfoliation by digesting intercorneocyte cohesion chemically. These proteolytic enzymes decompose proteins into smaller fragments, causing a softening effect to the skin. Rinse off and moisturize.

Purifying Manuka Mask as a spot treatment.

When skin is breaking out our Purifying Manuka Mask is a genius solution. Apply a dab of this cleansing and anti-inflammatory mask directly onto affected area and allow the charcoal, clays, parsley seed oil and turmeric in this mask to heal and draw out oils and dirt while clarifying with high quality manuka honey. Rinse off and treat with a drop of Barbary Fig Seed Oil.

Barbary Fig Seed Oil as…everything.

Since we discovered this incredible face saving plant oil over five years ago we’ve been in love and impressed hardcore. Suddenly Barbary Fig Seed Oil is a trendy ingredient and almost always referred to as “prickly pear seed oil” on the market. The way this single ingredient product effects the skin is nothing short of a miracle. Unlike most oils that form a barrier and sit atop of the skin, BFSO is first absorbed into the sebum calming, balancing and providing healing relief then distributing topically so the skin is protected and hydrated. This is why most of you rave upon your first interaction with this product because it works rather quickly and the results are pretty instant. Try incorporating our favorite plant based oil in other ways.

To prep the skin before applying makeup. (Barbary Fig Renewal Serum is also amazing for this.) Apply onto skin, mist then gently buff with a bamboo cloth to enrich the skin for easily dewy makeup application.

Control a dry, flaky scalp. Add three to four drops onto your scalp and massage in right after shampoo day.

Add a few drops onto cuticles, especially during harsh winter months.

Use a few drops on your baby’s precious bottom when experiencing diaper rash to calm inflammation.

Add a drop onto a clean eyeshadow brush and apply onto thinning eyebrows and eyelashes to encourage healthy growth and strengthen weak lashes.

When lips are severely chapped add two drops into 1/4 teaspoon of manuka honey (or any raw honey) blend and dab onto lips as a treatment.

Rub over a pregnant belly after a bath or shower to prevent stretch marks.

Apply onto ends to nourish dry hair and prevent split ends.

For sunburn relief apply onto skin (make sure skin isn’t broken) and gently blend in. Continue as needed to relieve inflammation and heal damaged skin.

To prevent windburn damage add five drops to a dime size amount of Rainforest Hydration Treatment and apply onto skin before skiing or other winter sports. You can easily wipe your skin with a warm washcloth afterwards to reveal fresh, hydrated skin.

These are just a few easy tips integrating great skincare into your routine on a daily basis. Another reason why our natural products are the epitome of a luxurious and effectual regimen. You get so much more when you invest in quality products. Please share if you’ve discovered new ways to use your favorite La Bella Figura products.





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