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Oxygenate Your Skin To Radiant Health




If you're wondering what in the heck does it mean to "oxygenate your skin" worry and wonder no longer. In medical terms it simply means allowing oxygen molecules to enter the tissues of our bodies. Of course this happens naturally as we live and breathe, but we can aid and increase oxygen delivery to skin cells with a few methods that are simple and effective. Many aestheticians are now providing their clients with oxygen facials using pressurized oxygen, acid and customized serums to deliver intense hydration to cells in order to plump up the connective tissue between the cells to create a smoother and younger appearance to your complexion. While we can't all run out to do these on a monthly basis (Can we?) we can take steps to increase oxygen flow to the skin. When we moisturize we attempt to capture hydration in our cells which is vital to skin health and to prolong free radical damage. Some scientists believe that cancer cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment. Some holistic nutritionists encourage a diet rich in greens, chlorophyll, seaweed, and fermented foods because these all create oxygen rich blood and help balance PH levels and keep the body alkaline which is believed to resist disease and sickness. All I know is that the more we care for our internal health the more likely you will see that reflected on your skin health .All those green loving vegans and vegetarians are on to something! Most green foods such as kale, spinach, broccoli, chard, brussel sprouts contain Vitamin K, which promotes good circulation and helps strengthen blood vessel walls. So eat those green veggies or drink them in fresh pressed juices
There are other simply ways to increase oxygen flow to your skin besides eating or drinking foods high in Vitamin K. One of my favorites is applying pure raw honey onto the skin for cleansing and treatment. My favorite for this has been manuka honey, but I'm also enjoying cold packed pinetree honey and buckwheat honey which is high in Vitamin C. These honeys all contain some levels of hydrogen peroxide and when you cleanse rubbing the honey "into" your skin in small circular motion helps to oxidize the hydrogen peroxide and therefore increase blood flow to the skin. Hydrogen peroxide comes in several dilutions and the high levels found naturally in some honeys, such as manuka come in extremely beneficial levels because of an enzyme the bees contribute to the honey which cause a slow release action, combined with sodium from your skin this chemical process kills bacteria and infected tissue quite efficiently. On its own hydrogen peroxide is a highly reactive oxygen species, a compound with an oxygen-oxygen single bond and the simplest peroxide. If you try the honey cleansing and rub it in circular motions you can actually see the hydrogen peroxide become effervescent and change color right on your skin. The inclusion of vitamins and bio active factors in honeys contribute antioxidant delivery to cells, which strengthen and repair from free radical damage. Pretty amazing! Do you see why we seek and geek out over natural remedies to cure and heal the skin? You just can't beat science. 
These are very simple methods to increase that fresh, healthy glow to your skin and not so difficult, right? You can definitely try those oxygen facials or try a few easy methods that will help bring that coveted I just spent a month at the spa look right at home.

1. Eat more green veggies. Raw is better, hence the reason green juices are so popular. Drink your juices!

2. Try honey cleansing and use the circular rubbing method. Simply applying and rinsing off won't be as effective. 

3. Chlorophyll supplements help to create nitrogen rich blood. Or drink chlorophyll daily, but in the realm of honesty I do not have the time to drink a tall glass of chlorophyll in the am nor would I like it if I did have the time. You can be smart and simply add chlorophyll to your green juice also. 
4. Give yourself a face massage after applying your face oils or serums. I use the pads on my fingertips and lightly "flutter" or tap the product into my skin. Mostly to increase circulation and bring blood flow to these areas. You can try these tips for a more thorough self face massage. It feels good and it does help make things flow and flush your skin to look healthy. 

We hope you try these easy steps to oxygenate and get the results that can really improve your complexion and improve your skin health. Let us know how it works for you! 



  • Sarita Coren: September 03, 2013

    What fascinating and well-written information! I’m a HUGE fan of using manuka or raw honey on my skin and have had transformational results. But I had NO idea that it oxygenates the skin when massaged in! This simple tweak to my routine can make a big difference. Natural solutions to skin ailments never cease to amaze me. This post is over the top! Thank you :-) Sarita

  • Victoria: August 23, 2013

    Hi Belinda,

    We are absolutely thrilled you ordered this product and are happy with the texture and scent. It is very fresh and over time you will see the brightening effects and reparative results of skin renewal. Remember to use a very effective moisturizer or face oil (we prefer the purity of a face oil) over the gel cream. This helps to lock in nutrients as well as moisturize. MRC is not a moisturizer, but an active Vitamin C treatment. Can’t wait to hear about your progress!



  • Belinda Stevens: August 22, 2013

    Received Modern Radiance Concentrate yesterday and did my first application. The texture and scent are lovely. I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in a few months!

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