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After eight months of preparation, A Night For Green Beauty came and went with incredible spirit and enthusiasm from all who popped in and our friends and supportive online community. It was truly inspiring to meet the visionary women behind some of the best natural beauty brands around. The room was packed with curious customers, fans, beauty editors, beauty bloggers and retailers who flew in from different cities and in some cases different countries. Everyone's products looked so gorgeous displayed on white tables or little nooks around the lovely space of James Corbett's Flatiron studio. Pretty much everyone was thrilled to meet the talented and kind Katey Denno as well as health and beauty coach Jolene Hart. Pressed Juicery was a huge hit with their skin beautifying drinks refreshing all of us on a warm NYC evening. My sister volunteered to pour the juices and create delicious cocktails and her humor and fun demeanor had the crowds coming back for more. It was just one of those nights where everyone came together, had fun and wanted more. As soon as it was over we bid sad farewells from one another and wishes for another chance to come together and do it again soon. You can bet we'll make it happen.

I've always been a social butterfly, a connector of sorts. When I meet someone I'm usually pretty quiet as I like to hear someone else's life story and learn about who they are. I am a good judge of character (most times) and I can sense immediately if I want to pursue a friendship or relationship and then I do! When I was a teacher I was always charmed by the friendships a seven year old makes. They do not alter their egos or adjust themselves to fit into someone's expectation. Most seven year olds are quite genuine and are free to be who they really are. I always advise people to go ahead and make friends like a seven year old because it's easy and so much more fun. Karen and I have been able to make some friendships with some amazing people we honor and admire and at our event we were touched by the outpouring of gratitude and appreciation from the brand owners, editors, bloggers and customers who wanted to thank us for putting the event together. I took it as a testament to who we are a business and who we are as people. Karen and I love our community and are extremely supportive to another entrepreneur who may just be coming in to this business or growing their business. We are cheerleaders for other women and their opportunities for expansion that offer even more opportunity to others. We knew collaborating with this fantastic group of kind and powerful women would be a success. It was all a matter of having a vision and the passion to execute it. We had a great team who helped coordinate details and who took care of the little snafus that occur when working with busy schedules and so many people involved. An extra special kudos to Amy Dufault and Susan Linney for being our glue and sometimes hammer. Not an easy task, but they got the job done! Collaboration is wonderful thing when ego is left out and vision is presented. Those with drive can see clearly while those that operate on fear cannot. All of these great brands you met at at the event or participated are visionary and have drive to spare. It is the reason it came together so well and the reason everyone is still talking about it.

We would like to thank special guests Jolene Hart, Katey Denno and Joanna Vargas for participating and sharing their expertise. It is experts like these who guide us in the right direction to create our products and continue to educate those seeking to know more about natural and green beauty. We would also like to thank James Corbett and his team for providing a great space for us to come together and their awesome hairstyling bar that had the fashionistas walking out the door so chic. An extra special thanks must be acknowledged to our incredible sponsors The Chalkboard Magazine and Pressed Juicery who understand that beauty and health are connected. Thank you for donating delicious juices and making the New York crowd delighted with your treats. We couldn't have asked for more wonderful people to work with on our first A Night For Green Beauty pop up. It was a dream come true! We have already been approached about the next one and all we can say is we need a vacation first, but you can count on the next event being bigger and more green beauty packed for sure!

Karen King and Victoria Fantauzzi-Founders of La Bella Figura

Alexandra Zanella, Katherine L'Heureux, Victoria Fantauzzi and Lina Hanson

Our new perfumes, Istanbul, San Miguel and Positano debuted.

The lovely Britta Aragon of CV Skinlabs and beautiful friends

The wonderful Jolene Hart and awesome Mayna aka The Juice Pusher

Blogger Love for Sussanah Compton, Brittanie Faith and Kimberly Wallace


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  • I couldn’t believe how many of my favorite brands were there! I saw Victoria walking around but never got the chance to meet her. I did speak to Karen who was so charming and sweet. The juices were delicious as was the champagne that topped it. It was a tad bit crowded and hot as heck but I wouldn’t trade my night of green beauty for anything. I loved seeing May Lindstrom’s little daughter in her daddy’s arms and everyone was as nice as I have always imagined. This was a great event and I hope you do it again soon. Maybe Brooklyn where there is more space? Congratulations to La Bella Figura!

    Lisa Thompson on
  • Congratulations ! i have been reading a lot about it on roostblog.

    - Archana.

    Archana on

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