How To Prepare For A Long Flight And Create A Stellar Carryon Cosmetic Case



Can we all look like Cindy as we deboard a flight? Maybe not, but close!

I am the weird woman people stare at who pulls out a cleverly designed TSA approved clear cosmetic bag with all of my bottles of oils, potions and balms as soon as I sit down in my seat. I've actually converted a regular cream moisturizer fan around explaining the value of a direct high grade oil for skin nourishment to one curious woman from Minnesota. I apply a few drops of pure barbary fig seed oil onto my cheeks and forehead which are more prone to experience dryness for me. I then apply a light coat of Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum under my eyes and above my lips and lightly pat in to nourish and moisturize. Lately, ever since the sweet and lovely Hope Gillerman, aromatherapist and holistic healer sent me her Stress Remedy I've been carrying that everywhere and it's definitely coming along on a long flight. In order to receive the healing benefits of true aromatherapy you need to use as directed. A few drops applied on wrists, temples, on your chest or clavicle are spots I tend to favor. I like when my scarf infuses with the Stress Remedy and ends up smelling fresh of vetiver, lavender and blood orange. Bonus. I also use Alexis Smart Flower Remedies, this time I'll be using the First Aid Kit known to help with anxiety and trauma. I will also test a new face cream formula we're developing at the end of my flight to soothe redness and any inflammation that may have occurred. If it works as I expect it to this may be THE ONE that makes the cut. I wanted to sum up what I bring on board with the picture and list below, otherwise you would be reading all my weird habits and step by step moments that may be too long to sustain your interest.
Our first facial cream is in the works and it's pink!
Check out the contents of my cosmetic bag below. If there is anything I should add that you've used on long flights please comment and share! We want to learn from you.

Inside My Carryon Cosmetic Bag
Gentle Cleansing Wipes
Stress Remedy by H Gillerman Organics
Argan Hand Cream by Leaves of Trees
Kusmi Tea (I bring my own tea everywhere!)
Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss In Freedom Red
Hurraw Lip Balm
Protein Bars
Pure Barbary Fig Seed Oil
Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum
Rainforest Hydration Treatment



This is just what I carry on board for the process of super long flights. Bon voyage beauties! I will miss you, but bring you back a special treat no doubt.:)

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  • just finished my journey to Uk. i left in a rush, coming down with a sore throat /cold. Next day, hit the ground running, feeling great sore throat gone, no jet lag, travel can be easier and you can arrive with a glow ! as Victoria so beautifully points out just pack your naturals. xohope

    Hope Gilllerman on
  • Hi Victoria. Great blog post. Thanks for the mention. That was very sweet of you! I hope that you enjoy the orange blossom argan lotion. :)

    Roohi on
  • Hi Marissa and Marcella, (Both really cool names, BTW)

    It’s so nice to know you both take care of yourselves on a flight. Love the lavender spritz idea as lavender does calm down overactive neurons. Marcy, take your own tea everywhere you go and you’ll soon find you make little places and moments extra special. I only bring back new stuff to use later on, but being on a plane I like my own favorite teas. :)



    Victoria on
  • I don’t get stressed out when I fly but I do experience that long flight dryness! I will definitely bring my Barbary Fig Seed Oil the next time I’m on the plane for a long time. Love love your picks (how cute is that you bring your own tea?).

    Marcella on
  • These are all great ideas. I get super anxious on planes :( so I always make sure to bring a travel size bottle of a lavender mist to help easy my worries a bit. Plus, on long trips it freshens you up and makes you smell delicious even if you feel less than fresh :)

    Marissa on

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