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Our Take On Aging And Prevention

Lauren Hutton has grown even more deeply into her beauty


Who doesn't want to look as beautiful as Angela Basset? 


I no longer get excited when my birthday approaches. As a matter of fact, I try really hard to pretend it's not happening. I don't mention it to friends, post it on my Facebook page or make too much of a big deal about it. These days birthday excitement is left to my surprises for my young nieces and nephews and doesn't relate to me at all. It's not because I necessarily despise getting older, it's more that it's not as much fun as it used to be. Basically, I've gotten over it. Don't get me wrong, I look forward to dinner with the same group of friends I've been sharing my birthday with for years because it feels special to spend time with people I love and enjoy seeing. I completely appreciate that part more. I would not, however enjoy it if they broke out in song or made the restaurant rally around us with unaffected smiles just waiting for it to be over. Presents? I take care of myself and the things I need or want so I don't feel the same about presents on a birthday either. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I think the fact that my busy friends (some who have children) taking a day out of their lives to spend with me is the gift I want. I'm not embarrassed of growing older, I don't lie about my age or fear it they way some women do. You won't see me wrapping my face in a scarf trying to cover up, but I also was not laughing my butt off when I saw a gray hair mocking me in the mirror on the very day I turned 45. I guess I have some complicated and mixed feelings about growing older like most of us do. Yet, I do anticipate the future when I will be that little old lady still climbing mountains and using good face serums. I wonder what will become of all those nieces and nephews and I have a pact with a group of friends that I can't wait to fulfill and it's only going to happen when we're all older. Told you it was complicated. 

This year I noticed a lot of things happening to my body, health and skin that I never noticed before. I'm lucky that I have good genes and chronic wrinkles and balding isn't particularly common in my family. My little Abuelita had rosy petal soft skin until they day she died and a head full of thick hair, albeit completely gray. The things I have noticed this year kinda freaked me out. I have always been rather vain about my hands. They are slender with long, slim fingers and smooth, even olive colored skin. They still are, but this year I noticed a spot on my left hand. It was brown, circular and brand spanking new. I pointed it out to anyone who'd listen, My Mom and sister thought I was making a big deal about nothing, but I knew that brown spot was not there just a few weeks prior and now it was. Some call these age spots, some call them sun spots, I called it unsightly and unwelcome. I was anxious that others would follow and my hands would begin to crinkle like paper and age right before my eyes. I began to pay attention and immediately began treating it. It's almost gone, but I have a feeling it will just stay that way, faded like an old photograph, but forever imprinted in my memory. As I mentioned briefly, I also found not one, but two purely silver hairs in August this year and my heart began to palpitate. I know it's not such a big deal to find a gray hair, but I've been lucky not to have them and I have never colored my hair in my life so I suddenly feared having to find a clean hair coloring system and spending gazillions of dollars going to my hairstylist every 6 weeks. I also noticed a creak in my left knee that has slowed me down while hiking up various mountains and of course, the weight gain. This part is the most cruel in my opinion. My whole life I was a skinny, super fast runner that never once worried about eating too much and suddenly I am obsessed with calories and what I can substitute in order to allow myself a few cookies or a slice of chocolate cake. Damn you aging hormones, can you just allow me to eat what I want?!!!

Even though I'm complaining I honestly have to say I have not considered going nuts and running to a plastic surgeon. For me it would be nuts, since I am a certified doctor avoider and not much into discomfort as a general rule. I haven't considered injecting my skin with bee venom, botox or bathing in powdered diamonds. Nope, I invest in my research and create high quality formulas for our line. What we create for our customers and retailers we mostly create for our own needs. I believe in prevention and living well daily will help me pro-age. (If you are unfamiliar with the term "pro-aging", it's simply growing older with grace and preventative measures). I read and I listen to people I trust. I conceal with makeup or good lighting and I cherish the few laugh lines I have around my eyes. I've had a lot to be happy and grateful for and if I had to choose physically showing my gratitude on my face over the rest of my lifetime spent in fear of aging I'd throw in several more laugh lines and smile like a crazy fox all day long. Life is too short to spend being too conscious of preserving one's youth. These days I'm more focused on being a better person. A happy person with a rich life full of great adventures, wonderful friends and exciting experiences. We should take notice on how we feel more and celebrate that we are smarter, more generous, forgiving, open, kinder, reflective, willing, adventurous and internally beautiful as we grow into our better selves. If you are reading this and think: This is utter bullshit! You may still just be too young to fully appreciate this post. You'll see. One day you will wake up and discover your bosom isn't as perky and maybe you'll waste some tears and cry a little, but then you think, "I'm heading over to Nordstrom to get that new super lift up bra" and you'll put on your makeup, step out of your apartment and make a pitstop to Starbucks where the cute young cashier will flirt with you and you'll know...I still got IT! And you always will. Growing older is a privilege and some of us will know that as we use or super serums to maintain our unique beauty and live our wonderful lives.

Cheers to a good Vitamin C product! 

 xoxo Victoria

Victoria at 45 and maintaining it! 


  • catherine: October 21, 2013

    Perhaps there is more to life than merely looking good. Perhaps a beautiful soul might be even more important.

  • Victoria: October 16, 2013

    Hi Kasia and Lisa,

    It’s great to hear other confident women celebrate growth. We all want to look and feel our best, but it should not define us.

    Thank you for your compliment Lisa. I appreciate it greatly!



  • Lisa Thompson: October 16, 2013

    Another great post from you ladies! I find your honesty refreshing and the part about finding grey hair on your birthday was too much! LOL! I had a similar experience on my birthday only it was I found my first spider vein. I think you look beautiful Victoria for 45 or any age. Keep up the good work with the products. I’m loving Modern Radiance and use it everyday.

  • kasia: October 15, 2013

    As long as I can stay in my own home, agile and in good enough health to look after myself till the day I die I’ll be very very happy. The rest is of no consequence in the end. Beauty and pretty goes. The sooner we accept it the happier we will be.

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