Surround Yourself In Beauty Every Day

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Every morning that you wake up is another chance to start over, address the day from a fresh perspective, do it again, do it better. Some days are just a bust and it feels as though no matter what you do you are destined for high stress, late night meetings, bumper to bumper obscene traffic, coffee spills, lunch on the run or being chased by wild raccoons while clearing out the garden. (Maybe that part is just me!) There is such a thing as Sunday Night Blues where we are suddenly consumed with anxiety and mild depression over the notion that our low stress, carefree weekend is over and we're getting back to a busy work week. Bless teachers and educators because as soon as 60 Minutes comes on Sunday evening the high gear anxiety hits yet there they are at their desk Monday mornings ready to shine! We all have some point in our days or nights where we begin to feel monotonous. It's quite normal otherwise no one would have invented vacations and we'd never know the joys of lazy summer days reading on the beach. 

So how do we cope while we must engage in "monotonous" activities like work, school, raising kids and simply living? This is where the Spaniard in me rejoices and comes out to celebrate little moments and visual beauty. The life of an entrepreneur is not glamorous. Not even a little bit. It's all about super early mornings, late nights, phone calls at weird hours (3am to Morocco or midnight with someone in Australia, anyone?), emails, social media, team meetings, more emails, research, producers, retailers, formulating, employees, events, planes, trains and automobiles. Oh, did I mention late nights? There has to be some time during a busy day where we accept our limitations, take a break from the computer, breathe deeply and immerse ourselves in a touch of beauty. You just must do it! Otherwise you won't have much to look forward to and your skin will fall off your face. That's a joke of course, but not by much! Stress and monotony is gray colored in your mind and soul

The reason Spaniards won't give up their siestas (midday breaks where naps are taken or long lunches at home with family) are because they prove to be more productive in the quality of life of the Spaniard. Recently, the hardship of Spain's economy have caused some business owners to forego siestas and include the stress of worrying about moneymaking, well the health of many Spaniards has become a huge concern. Looking forward to siesta was the little bit of beauty some folks had and while in our culture we cannot escape for an afternoon nap there are many things we can do to receive the physiological benefits of experiencing a little beauty.


I like to start the day looking out my window to catch the sunrise whenever I can. The sun rising and the colors that explode like fireworks in the clouds is my religion. It also puts me in check that it is the start of a fresh day and a new opportunity for something great. I like buying myself pretty flowers to keep by my bedside table or on my desk. I don't ignore them either and often take pictures to Instagram or just mesmerize in their incredible beauty. I do little things for myself like take my lunch outside to the park to eat al fresco or when I'm lucky I coordinate lunch with my sister so we can catch up and she can fill me in about university life and all of her eccentric academic colleagues. I call my Mom around teatime while I actually make myself a beautiful tea that I serve in pretty cups. I apply a dose of Buenos Aires perfume or Istanbul and refresh my skin with a spray of our coconut, jasmine and rose scented Jardin de Fleurs. The scent of perfume makes a huge olfactive contribution to my mood and takes me away for a brief moment to someplace magical. Sometimes, if I'm having a super tough day I visual travel. Nothing cures a sullen mood more for me than a YouTube video of my beloved Costa Brava where the water is so blue and the sun is shining bright. Music does it for me too, but I tend to get carried away and can easily get lost in the beats and decide to call it a day in search of a dance party. There is always a little something one can do to have a little moment to unwind, to imagine, to experience beauty. The key to surrounding ourselves in beauty every day is to realize we were not meant to be in chronic stress mode and it's okay to take a break once in a while to recharge our batteries and rejuvenate our tired souls. As my smart little Abuelita used to say, "life is for the living and the ones that don't already know that are just dying slowly." So now tell me, what will you do today to surround yourself in beauty? It's going to rewind your spirit and give you that little charge. We promise!  


xo Victoria


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