New Year Predictions For Green Beauty

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Happy New Year! I love fresh starts and new beginnings and feel so inspired for 2016. Last year was wonderful for us and so many other brands as our industry expanded and became a part of the beauty mainstream like never before. We knew it would happen eventually and it was fantastic to see more brands in mega stores like Target, Sephora, GOOP, Net-A-Porter, Saks and Space NK. The convenience factor is a huge draw to customers and it is just going to explode this year as more large retailers pick up niche beauty brands. We're also excited to see our favorite independent shops expand and open second, third and even fourth locations settling into residential areas and neighborhoods to offer their customer the luxury of convenience and the nuance that these leaders in green beauty do so well with a focus on wellness and product education. We've even heard a few of our retailers mention in-store spa services and special events that are intimate and truly special. (Stay tuned for a big announcement from one of our favorite retail partners in January.) 

This industry blossomed quickly. If there is one thing I’m keenly aware of, that is our products stand out in an ocean of mass produced junk and our customers have been excited to ride this wave with us and share it with the world. Every single brand wants to reach out and touch you and sometimes it takes more than Instagram posts and product reviews to do that. I think you’ll see collaborations between independent retailers (we’re working on one now) and your favorite independent luxury brands, which is exciting and special. The year of the brand will burst onto the platform and flow into the mainstream like hotcakes in 2016. Thanks to our savvy beauty consumers, natural lovers and the newcomers who seek quality, performance and outstanding packaging. It’s going to be an enormous new year for beauty!

We asked a few experts about their predictions and received some interesting insight into goals, dreams and new challenges. We’d love to hear from you our dearest and loyal fans. What do you want to see happen in green beauty or what don’t you want to see? Your opinion matters to us and as La Bella Figura grows we always want to be on par with what our fans want more of. We hope you’re as excited as we are and can’t wait to share more. We’re working on epic new products and tight partners that will bring you LBF in grand style. More predictions from a few of our favorite entrepreneurs below.

Marissa Waller, CEO of BeauTeaBar

In 2015, many of our beloved green beauty brands finally received some well deserved recognition in the mainstream beauty space. We saw partnerships with big box retailers, and luxury boutiques, plus numerous mentions in some of the most highly regarded newspapers and magazines. If 2015 was the year that the mainstream first discovered green beauty, I believe 2016 will be the year where it truly dominates!

For us, 2016 will bring some exciting new additions to our boutique. We are anxiously awaiting new (and exclusive) product launches; plus we are adding a beautiful healing space to our boutique that will allow us to offer facials and other personalized services for our customers. It’s going to be a really exciting year!

Raman Sekhon, CEO and co-founder of Camp Caravan (website coming soon)

One of the aspects I’ve always loved about green beauty is its level of creativity. Case in point, A Night For Green Beauty. Constantly having to push boundaries in an industry that was stuck in its ways, green beauty introduced itself through creative outlets, collaborations and partnerships. As a result, we successfully grew a community. Our customers continue to ask for more (we love this, by the way) which allowed us to merge the things we love: travel, boutique hotels, and of course green beauty. As one of the founders of Camp Caravan, I am excited to fuse our obsession for luxury resulting in beauty with no boundaries. Now more than ever, it will be simpler to discover new brands and products delivered to you in the most convenient way possible. 

Heather Hamilton, CEO of Zoe Organics,

The organic/natural industry continues to grow and evolve and I am convinced that we will see more products that specifically support women and mom in niche wellness categories. We aren’t just looking at her skin, her diet or fitness trends anymore - but are expanding into other, sometimes neglected, areas of her overall wellbeing. I hope to see a focus on products that support a balanced lifestyle on a really practical level and I hope to see these better options more and more accessible to everyone.

This Spring,  Zoe Organics will launch a line of Intimate products; our unique spin on aphrodisiac blends, lubricant, and other products that support sexual wellness with our 100% organic formulas. Without saying too much, we want to continue to promote positive body image, self-care and acceptance, and nurture the intimate connection between partners in a much different (more positive) way.

Lola Gusman, Beauty Blogger and founder of

I see green beauty gaining wider acceptance and an increased trend towards skincare that blends science and nature. I’d like to see the language around green beauty changing from that of fear (toxins, poison, cancer) to that of effectiveness, quality and luxury. And I want to see green beauty brands on the pages of Vogue and on the shelves of major department stores.

We think you will Lola! As a matter of fact, count on it.

With love,




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  • I’m excited about Zoe Organics expansion into intimate products. I agree that it is an under-represented area in the organic field.

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